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While waiting in church, I was writing in my PDA some of the thoughts and feelings I had at the moment.
Recently been hearing some news about church...not really just recently but for the past few months. I've been thinking....this is the "House of God" so to say but with all these fraud and shits around, how dare we as Christians claim to be followers of Christ.
For quite some time ago, if any of you are a big fan of Planet Shakers, perharps you already heard the news of Mike Guglielmucci lied about his fight for cancer. He doesn't have cancer... His inspiring stories of his strong faith in God and strength that comes from Him in his time of illness... aren't really true. And he is supposed to be a leading example.

I read of this comment from a blog, which I will not say which blog is it come from, a bit personal and might seem to be attacking on that particular blogger but really, it is just my own perspective which differs from hers here:

im inviting everyone to just fall on their knees and pray.. the church is hurting soo much and as part of the family, we should hurt for each other. pray for the pastor.. pray for the young people.. pray for everyone who's been hurt.. pray for healing... pray for restoration... let no resentment lead us astray and* tear us apart from each other. God has plans for His church.. let everything be a learning experience to us... and let us act proactively... the church has been hurt. let's not hurt it more...

Isaiah 50:10 Who among you fears the LORD and obeys the word of his servant? Let him who walks in the dark, who has no light, trust in the name of the LORD and rely on his God.

Let us first recognized that it was only the selfish act of an individual that such lies happen. Money and reputation is the motivation and we can't be blaming everything to God, saying that He has plans. God did not plan for such lies. It was an act of a human being. If someone was murdered by us, we might be okay to just come to God and ask for his forgiveness but the victims won't give a shit of what you are saying or praying. So don't try to be some big H asking God for forgiveness if you don't really mean it at all.

Lately, locally, something happened in my own church. A so-called leader was found to be a bankrupt and was strip of any titles he had. He left and a bunch of his followers follow him. The one thing that disgust me is how the church try to cover it up and not do anything about it. For goodness sake, this man has been a liar for years as a leader. And apparently, there was a prayer of blessing.

I might sounded as though I am the type that only seek for justice but really, it is not that. I knew that everyone has their own weaknesses but for someone to be preaching about money and having that same shits in his own life, that is totally unacceptable. For that is hypocrites, the very thing that Jesus came to rebuke. Remember that Jesus said "For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 5:20)

Anyway this is what I blog about while half heartedly listening to the Pastor preaching in my church.

What has Christianity become of over the years?

Losing the sense of purpose in the name of what ways? The inability to see God beyond "ministries". Has God become entrapped within the church context?
Over the years, a great change in the Christian perspective has taken place. Remember the time of the Crusades? Remember how Christians kill in the name of God? And during th Renaissance, have we forgotten how Christians burn scientists who were accused of being heretic. And for goodness sake, it is only the theories about the Sun being the central of the universe. Isn't that strong points enough to prove how far we've gone wrong at times?
In the 21st century, a new wave of change also take place. The "revival" type of phenomena is happening everywhere. Christianity has become a "cool" culture...with the MEGACHURCHES manipulating the "feel good" factor. And no doubt about it, it has been very much accepted in today's culture. The question remains whether these sort of "spirituality" are remaining faithful to Christ? The "Christian concerts" are always a hit....Planet Shakers, Hillsong, City Harvest...these are always big things and they never seem to fail to attract audience. Recent reveal of corruption and fraud has once again put the integrity of such Christian leaders at test.
My personal view of all these shits are that we were too focus on making Christianity a strong religion that we forgot the values and message that Jesus brought to us.

I won't deny that indeed Jesus told us to spread the Word of God but that was really the last part of His message. Have we neglected His message on justice, holiness and mercy? Try talking to "full time workers of church ministries" and you will realize that many of them did not bother about the current world issues. But isn't the environmental issue part of something that Christians should stand for and fight for?

We are too into the 'feel good factor', thinking that there are some sort of "powers" going on in our prayers. I didn't deny the possibility of miracles but then again, is it a miracle that will change the inner heart or the love that is shown in this life?

Christianity cannot be further manipulated by the concept of "power", "miracles", "blessings", and "idealistic hope" again. We need to engage with the work of Christ in every aspects. There is a need for us to be honest about the failure stories. I hate the hypocrisy in any organizations that choose to hide their wrongdoings and failures. That includes my church.

I am a Christian that love God and I will spread the Word of God in a way that does not contradicts my beliefs of Jesus. For Jesus made it clear that if you were a sinner worse than the Scribes or the Pharisees, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. is hypocrisy that put Jesus on the cross again. For everytime we pretend that we are in anyway better than others, we failed to see why Jesus has actually came and we should not even claim ourselves as Christians.

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