Wash my car...an hour gone

I was rather tired after spending an hour on washing car but nevertheless the satisfaction of it is beyond words. It has been quite some time since I wash my car...with the commitment at tuition, studies, friends, gf and family...it seems rather impossible to find time to take care of one's car. But I've grown to believe that when one said that there is not enough time, it is only an excuse that they are giving to themselves. I regretted for spending so much time blogging and not taking good care of my house at times....loL!!
Anyway, I am going to wash it again in another like 3 days. Haha! I want to make sure that the car is in excellent condition.
Well, I have not been doing push up and sit up for like 2 days and really, it tend to be continue if I don't push myself back to exercise. I am still rather blur...guess I still need sleep....

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