What do you do when you have ample of time to do things?

Here is what I do during this break besides blogging and exercise. The fan is like damn dusty...you don't believe me? Take a close look at it yourself then.

see the dust up close....loL! Can't believe I took photo of it.

Well, I didn't just do that for the whole day right?
Here is something else that I did:
This was my room throughout the time that I was in university. Mess up I can say. Well, I don't have the time to pack up back then as I travelled week in and week out from KL to Ipoh and vice versa. I also was way too busy with tuition, girlfriend, family and friends. As a results of it, my room become messy and yah....terrible!!!!
So I did not waste time during this holiday. First thing in mind....clean up the room...

While cleaning up, I have to unload so many things from the cupboard and the table. I have my own enjoyment in doing that as I embraced the memories of some of the gifts from my friends.

This one was given to me by my aunty. She passed away....really, in some ways...I do miss her.

This one was bought by my brother and I...

I am a Christian...haha! (Jian Yao bought this for me years ago I think....)

My brother's Ferrari collection..I'll make sure I'll get one of those when I grow up!!

It was a surprise to see this disc still with me.
Don't misund me...I'm not a big fan of Kong Hee....(he's no good haha!)
Just a friend borrow it to me....no longer hate or feel despair about it. Guess I'm getting over it finally!!

It took me quite a day to clear up my room...I mean it's really messy....haha! But am happy with the result....hehe!!

Making sure that everything is in order...=P at least for now...haha!


  1. when someone is so free that he takes closeup pic of his fan, it proves that he really IS free. hahaha

  2. hahahha..i agree with jianz..wah u got alot of stuffs also eh


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