What would you do in the holiday were you to wake up at 6 in the morning?

Today is my first week of officially holiday...loL! And guess what...I wake up at 6 in the morning to be back at my jogging field. It was like the first time since months I ever jog and the feeling is good....=P
I'm going to be building up my body as well.
Since it was like my first run since months, I only attempt a short 1km. And back in my training days, I usually at least have a 1.5k run. I also attempted a short 50m sprint....not too tiring though but I was back at home, playing with the dumbbell, not a 11kg though. I only attempted a 5kg one...loL!
This one is the 11kg set...I attempted the 5kg first.

And I was back in push up and sit up. And I was doing push up in 10s for like 10 times and also doing sit up in 15s to 20s in like about 4 times.
I am going to give myself an intensive 1month plus training....hehe! maybe you will see a Daniel Craig body shape in me next time I take my own photo...oops!! haha! Well, I'm going for a breakfast soon....

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