You've got to MOVE IT, MOVE IT!!!

"Who says penguin can't fly?"

Honestly, the Madagascar 2 is damn funny and a MUST WATCH MOVIE!!!
When I watch the movie, I was extremely tired but the movie just energize me....Alex, Marty, Melmon, and Gloria....the director and script writer must be very creative and spend a lot of effort for the movie.
I especially like the Penguin.

The movie started off with the flashback of Alex's life before he was captured and somehow fallen to the sea that leads all the way to New York where he became Alex, the King of New York.
This movie was really rather different from other cartoons and yes, it is way too much with the Penguin being a bit too genius but it manage to humour the rest of us, and I guess that's the point.

I didn't wanna spoil the mood of those who have yet to watch but I must say that if you didn't watch this movie, you're missing all the joy and fun you can get from this MOVE IT!!!

Anyway, it was also the first movie that I watch with Yen Leng and her brothers. I guess when one is into a relationship, it is a time to make more effort to even get to know the family and be closer in a deeper level. Well, that's all for now!!

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  1. nice movie.. how are you? i leave message here.. i have problem posting in cbox


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