Church turn into a market place??

If you ever read my blog about Christianity, you will find that only criticism and negative words seem to be coming out from my mouth. But that's not the entire truth. I'm not against Christianity and I dare say I still believe in salvation through Jesus Christ but what's the meaning within, there'll be much discussion on that case.
I just hope that Christians will realize that the moment we start to look at ourselves at any better than others, we are of no different from the Pharisees in the time of Jesus.
For me to kept on criticize, it is only because I believe there is always room for better, and when I said that, I am welcoming people to criticize me as well. For example, I truly understand why people who don't like me for putting advertisement in my blog. And yet, I must said and remind those closest to me that I've no intention on making use of this friendship to earn the extra income.
I must admit that I'm trying to earn more money and I have strong reasons for that.
Anyway I shall not talk about this for now.
Last Sunday, to be honest, I felt disgusted at how the church is being turn into a market place. I won't mind if let's say the church is going to sell Bible or other Christian reference but what the heck....even stationary, cross and calendars were being sold. I was speechless to see it happening and though it used to happen in my church as well, I'm particularly more affected by it this time around due to my change of perspective.
Anyway the church probably was only supporting some of the church members or some associations but yet I felt it was not the right way to do it. I remembered that in the past, this guy, Kenny was selling his stuff in church and yes, he was doing business. Of course he was selling Christian accessories but yet, to be manipulating the church as the market place, it was not the right way to do it.

If you're a Christians, you probably know of the story where Jesus was angered by the same sort of incident. What has the church become of? A market place?

If that was not bad enough, Christians organizations should look at the price tag of their accessories. The cross was sold at RM19.90 and I was like what the hell...I could get the same sort at RM10 in the pasar malam or even at parade. The books were sold at price that could not be affordable by the lower income group. Has Christianity been part of the consumerisme strategies as well?

I was angered on that day and though I lack the courage that Jesus had to scold the people back in his days, I hope that this blog will brought many into realization of what they themselves are doing. Christianity has been manipulated to a point that it lost the original sense of losing themselves for God. Christ has came to show us the way, the way of the CROSS.

My simple prayer for a new generation who will rise up to defend their faith in that manner.

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