How I celebrate Anniversary with Yen Leng...

It's been a while since I left anything in my blog here. Was busy with lots and lots of stuff...basically fetching people here and there, teaching tuition, yum cha with frenz once a while.
That's my routine but I guess I'll have more free time in the coming weeks.
Anyway, here is how I celebrate anniversary with Yen Leng...our first year together. I am the type who don't really remember dates but I think sometimes if remembering helps to make your loved ones happy, no harm making it special right?
Well, it was on the 4th of December, and she was working so we only have night time to celebrate.

I make her a photo album, containing our cute photos...loL!
And then I write out 100 reasons why I love her...not bad huh...and it is ORIGINAL!!

Some of our photos that night...we went for PIZZA, as both of us are quite "po kai" adi....hehe!!

oops!! I took her photo without permission again...

Me here, trying to act cute...OMG!!

When two becomes ONE...

She's like..."don't kiss me la...taking photo now ah..."

Imagine taking photo like these in Pizza Hut, this is totally 18+++

Tasty...she's like eating so much...haha!!

We ended up wasting food....=)

Basically, we had a simple dinner, spend some time looking thru the photo album I creatively make it on my own, and yeah...a simple way of celebrating ANNIVERSARY yet special...haha!!

I was looking at some of the gifts that was given to me by her throughout the year...

Saying "I LOVE YOU" in creative way...

If this is not love, what is it then?

I want a chess set and I got it from her...=)

The pet she bought for me that's easy to take care of...loL!! and it's BIG!!

Anniversary gift from her, and it's in pair...(didn't take the other one photo coz I took it at home)

The cross, the ring, and the one she bought for me for ANNIVERSARY...these three comes in pair...

My birthday present, the belt and Manchester United t-shirt and still got one's a FOOTBALL...=) (But i didn't take the photo....)

She even bought me books, still got two more by Mitch Albom....

I used to wonder where in the world the money went I know...the both of us spend so much on gifts....OMG!!

A year passed, and if I'm correct, she gave me at least 16 presents....which means more than 1 present every month...I'm so BLESSED...haha!!


  1. Lovely present. This reminds me my 1st wedding anniversary is next week

  2. What a nice anniversary, my friend.
    May God always bless you

  3. Nice couple! I have linked you in my blog. So, mind linking mine?

  4. Hahaha... Nice kissing... proud of you sister!!!

  5. Thanks for the comment. It's so good to see you here. smiles :)))))


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