The need to accept the opinion of others...

It has been quite a while since I updated anything on my blog here.
At times, I rather feel that it is necessary to keep quiet and learn to see from other perspectives and views. The other day on Christmas, I was out for a drink with LiangHin and a bit of window shopping for me.
It was really a relaxing way of spending Christmas. No more hectic schedules, and no more mission, evangelism or ministries. Well, I'm beginning to get used to this life now.
And really, I'm beginning to learn to hear from others through this period of time, where conversation will not be so manipulative but simply a sincere expression from the heart and I'm finding joy in that.
I remembered how I joked about entering the territory of Elder Lian and causing some mess but when Agnes' mom talked to me about this man (whom in a way I dislike very much) and defending him, I felt that I was beginning to listen and accept her views for in her perspective, he might have been a great man.

Today, I was reading the opinion in the Star Newspaper where this guy who criticize bloggers for not being transparent themselves and my first reaction was like: "Yeah Right!" in a sarcastic way. But come to think of it, there is some truth in it and I need to in a way give credit for that opinion however much I disagree with it.

I remembered how I used to manipulate a conversation and probably that was the reasons why some people hated me. Now I realize that keeping quiet and learning to listen the views and opinion of others could be a much better approach and I really am learning that.

On Sunday, I saw Nicholas in a petrol station and he changed a lot. So much more skinny than the last time I met him. We did not talk much as I had a service to attend on that day but I guess it will be good to be meeting up with him again.

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