Only one more month of holiday

About one month of break has gone, meaning another month to go only.
Anyway, I hope to make full of use of the break, rather than be back into SLEEPING mood.
Yesterday, Yen Leng was on leave....we went breakfast, bought some junk food back to her house for her family. Then we went to Jusco for a walk, watch "TWILIGHT", bought home the TWILIGHT SAGA, BREAKING DAWN. And I was surprise as she was so interested to read the book that she wanted me to buy it.
Well, I think in a way it's good for her to read books that she like, and it helps her on her English.
After that we spent some time at her house before I went home for dinner.
At night, she came over my house to spend some time together, while onlining. Haha! She couldn't really get to use her house computer to online as the connection was extremely slow. (She's not using any broadband)

We had supper with my family, watched a TV series, "FORENSIC HEROES" (I know it's rather outdated) before I sending her back to her home.

Last Saturday, I went out with some of my school friends near St. Michael and really, it was great to see how she (Yen Leng) was trying to relate to my friends as well. I hope that she won't feel left out as I knew some of my friends only use English to communicate.
Anyway I hope Evon enjoyed the simple birthday celebration that we had for her. Really, it was a good feeling to be seeing everyone again.

Alright....I guess enough of me blogging here. I wanna get something to do. Haha! Btw, it was really great to see Wai Soon in love. OMG!! haha! Well, you guys can check out the details in his blog...I know I'm rather outdated....=P

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  1. bro, we have been talking to yen leng until u appeared..then we kept quiet..haha =p...she feels left out meh???


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