Some of the snapshot when we went out to celebrate Evon's birthday!!!

The birthday girl, Evon...

I just wanna say that it's really good to have this bunch of brothers who are true to one another.
Ever since I left the church ministries, the "church leaders" seem to dump me. More like when your service is over, you're no longer required here that sort of scenario.
And I thank God for that for through my Form Six years, I found friends who are true to one another and to me, these are not just friends but part of my family.

Not everyone is here yet, but really, it's good to be meeting so many of you again, Siew Wei, Kee Cheong, William, Wai Soon, Teik Tzuan, Wai Hin, Carey, Vincent, Jo's just a good time to be together, talking about stories....


  1. I have not experience a birthday party with so many people for a very long time now

  2. i havent been seeing you guys for a long time.

  3. secondary school friends sometimes are the most genuine friends you will ever find. hehe(^^)

  4. happy belated birthday to Evon..
    wish you all the best

  5. Hi brother, I've nominated you for 3 awards. Do check it out


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