Time to talk about Christmas

Isn't it good if everyday were a holiday?
Haha! Well, I loved the time I spent during the holiday.
And I loved sleeping so much!! Haha!
Anyway, I guess it's about time to be blogging about how Christmas passed by for my little life here...

The fire place made by my sister....looks real enough for me....=)

My cap look a bit awkward when compared to theirs...my brother and sisters...
Christmas tree up and done!!

This is my gf posing with the snowman...

My uncle, aunt and cousin not wanting to miss out the fun as well...

Everyone with their own style...=)

My grandma getting her gift from us...=P

Cousins and my gf....=)

Basically, on Christmas eve, it's just another family gathering with a little more decorations around the house. But I guess what makes this Christmas more meaningful to me is that I'm seeing the beautiful story in this family as I move on in this life. Well, I guess now that Christmas is gone and only a few days for New Year, it's time to think of New Year Resolution....=)


  1. hi KianHin... u know how i noe Aaron.. he came out from my stomach more than 20 yrs ago...haha.. that is how i know him.. inside out..


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