February 24, 2008

One more week to go and I will stop working in the accounting firm. The firm was nice actually and I think I have a great connection with the people there in some ways but really, I must admit that I can't stand the long hours there. 8.30 in the morning until 5.30 evening is too taxing for me.
Anyway just some of the experience there....honestly I thank God for the opportunity to be able to work in this place under a Malay lady as I learned some stuff from her. It really made me realize that racism brought from childhood is what disconnect people from other beliefs and races. I find myself being a good friend with her, just like the many Chinese friends that I have, and she helped me lots as well. We had great conversation together as well, talking about her married life and some of the Islamic stuff as I asked her about it.
Although we might have different beliefs and even understanding on politics, I find this conversation as an opportunities to share our values...for me to truly be sincere in being a friend, I find it all the more easier to accept her perspectives.
Besides about my working life, I find myself needing to acknowledge some of my weaknesses and the honesty towards myself make me look at others as much as the same as me, equal or sometimes even better and though that thought could be intimidating at times, I felt it create a new me, which is more accepting and gracious.
My relationship is good, and is slowly progressing, which is what I really want....to learn and slowly develop this relationship. It is always easy to get romantic and forget about the reality but to face the reality of this world, and learn to love those around you is what gonna make you grow up.
Btw, for my friend, Weng Chuan, sorry for not writing down the essay. I spent some hours into thinking but really couldn't crack anything out. Anyway hope that you will be able to get into the university that you wanna go into. All the best on the road ahead!
Guess that is all for now....hope this will keep you guys updated. Sorry for the long delay on the updates...was really busy with stuff.

February 18, 2008

FAITH in God.......how does it looks like?

It made me wonder the other day when Aunty Lindy asked me this question: "well you do believe in Jesus, right?"
Honestly I do not have any problem about people asking me in such a way. But the question that pop up in my mind is this
"how does it look like for me to have faith in Jesus? To have faith in God."
Do I go around asking people to believe and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, or do I engage in the lives of those around me and learn to accept their culture and perspective?
Just the other day, my friend told me of his conversation with another friend and how there is always a tendency for us to have the final say in a conversation.
Well...was thinking some time to relook at a look of things...friendship, God, spirituality, faith and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus if I am a Christian. And what do I mean to say that a Christian goes to Heaven and a non-Christian to Hell?

I have a lot of new perspective yet finding it all the more difficult to put into words...which makes me believe that faith in God sometimes require me to be quiet and listen to voices around me and understand them.

February 15, 2008

to all my friends and those who have been part of my life.

It seems that valentines day, almost everyone focus on their lover. No doubt about that, it is an important occasion for us to show love for our lover yet I believe beyond that, it is a moment for us to relook at friendship and the love among our family members.
I know probably it is a little to late to post this here but yet I felt especially for some friends that no matter what happens, I'll always be there for you guys.
Friends forever....take care and may this year be a year of blessing and relearning.

February 08, 2008

Just finish watching the new movie by Stephen Chow....a very interesting movie to watch...and really, something new from Stephen and he definitely is adding meaning into his movie. To those who critics his movies, please open up that space and look at this new product by this great comedian....not so much of a comedy this time around yet laughter is still guaranteed if there is a great of sense of humour in you.

Hmm...let's just said this movie is not just one that is aiming at making BIG BUCK and while a lot of the jokes have been the "STEPHEN CHOW trademark" yet the refresh idea is in there. Definitely a thumbs up!

The alien is cute and while it might have been a little similar to other cartoons, it has definitely been effective in putting a smile on your face. Well, let's just said that it means more to watch this movie if you are looking for one that you could laugh about and some meaning on sacrifice for the family.

Hopefully this movie would be able to change some of the people's mentality on the "mou lei tou" jokes of Stephen Chow. It is indeed something to be credited for the effort of Stephen Chow on this new movie. Nothing like the cool action movie like Rambo, or the good fighting skill in KUNG FU DUNK...not even a match if we mention about jokes in comparison to "kungfu hustle" or "shaolin soccer" yet it is one that speaks of love with a good sense of humour.

"Definitely a movie of an outstanding effort"...at least in my point of view. Well, it was great as the movie really did teach me a good lesson on love....while the message is common, it is definitely a reflection of a continuous sacrifice. For me to speak of love is simple and easy...but to picture myself going through the life of "Stephen" as that character, it was kinda impossible.

While many of us felt that we live a life full of difficulty, it is definitely nothing much like poverty.
Although it was way too much exaggerated in the movie, the picture of poverty is really in it and for a father to give his all to the son, it was a simply a true reflection of love. A good decision by Stephen Chow to try out something new....and that effort is worth recognition.

Hopefully, many more people will understand that message of love besides the good jokes and humour.

February 07, 2008

It is yet another celebration of new year base on the Chinese calendar. The Chinese culture is one that stress on respect among family members. During this festival, it is the best time to appreciate your family members and have reunion again. A dinner reunion is an important part of this celebration. All the family members are suppose to go all the way to their hometown for this dinner. Well, I am not saying that love and care should be shown on certain occasion yet there really is a need for a time to show special care for people close to us.

Well, so I guess it is always good once in a while to appreciate our culture.

February 06, 2008

Just watch I AM LEGEND...I know I am a bit slow but really that show was interesting...credit goes to Will Smith for that emotional part he played in the movie when Sam was infected and eventually killed by him.

I think that movie has a lot of reality element in it...the fact that the world is full of "virus" and those virus are infecting people everywhere....soon the human instinct will even disappeared.
And yet despite of all the "messiness" on Earth, there is lil hope here and there...that really is the message from that movie at the last part of the movie.

Well, anyway for now, just a simple wish to all readers...HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!
I have to go already...dinner time with family....=P

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