March 24, 2008

The champions rule

It was the Super Sunday and no one would want to miss the match between Manchester United and Liverpool as well as Chelsea and Arsenal.
In the Old Trafford, the Red Devils dominate the possession and make it an easy victory with Liverpool down to 10 men. With a superb header from defender Brown in the first half, United seem to be destined to win when Liverpool were forced to play with 10 men after a surprisingly red card. Fernando Torres had not performed the way he used to for the last 7 matches and United were going stronger with every minute especially with substitute Nani and Tevez up front with Ronaldo and Rooney. And just as United seemed to fail to find the net, the on form Ronaldo headed in the second one for United from a corner by Nani to finish the game off. But Nani wanted more and find himself the space to put in the third goal for United.
A nightmare for Liverpool and definitely a significant lead for the Red Devils.
Arsenal on the other side fall to the hands of the BLUES when Drogba netted in two goals in 8 minutes to a marvelous comeback victory for Chelsea.
The pressure is now on the Gunners after they lost their second place to Chelsea. The Blues are optimistic to reclaim their title but the Red Devils are not going to make it easy for the Blues, especially with Ronaldo on form. Expect more from the EPL challenge and don't try to rule Arsenal out of contention because the Gunners had still put an excellent performance though they have not win a single game from the last 5 matches.

March 19, 2008

Get cha head in the game!

Now that I am in the process of entering the working world, somehow I felt tremendous pressure from those around me. In a way, I wanted to prove adults who think that I am not experienced enough wrong. Sometimes I really hope I will be growing up faster because only then can I tell the world that "Hey! I might not be as experienced as you but I have my perspectives and I believe that it is valid." Such is the struggle that I felt growing up. While I do not deny that I still have a lot of things to learn but I also believe that I have been able to see farther ahead by standing on the shoulder of Giants...such is the quotation from Isaac Newton.
Anyway I think only time will tell the story to mankind. I am looking for some history books to read but then come to think of it again, history books are so much manipulated by winners of a certain story.
It made me think for my life ahead. I remembered watching I AM LEGEND....and to be honest, I will want to leave a legacy for myself before I go into the other world. But the story that I am going to write might be so full of corruption, bias perspectives and even selfish motivation.
Well, not to forget that we are all human beings with our own "hidden agendas".
Moving on at this stage seems to tell me to get my head in the game, understand what it takes to win this game, but it also reminds me to remain true to myself as I move on in this life. If I have to lose myself to win this game, what good is that victory after all?
I am using languages of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL in this part of my if you don't really understand, then probably you will have to spend 2 hours on that movie and though as predicted as it is, I guess it is something to freshen up our dying part of integrity. I remembered a friend that once told me that "Happy Ever After" is fake....I can't really agreed with that and though I do not deny it. Haha! seems like a paradox to you?
Well, maybe the best way to put it would be "Happy ever After" from what you watched from the HOLLYWOOD is fake but it can exist if you and I work towards that goal. Just as much as people think that corruption is going to be a common part when one comes into the working world, but I believe it takes more than courage to hold on firmly on integrity and no doubt it will be a tough road ahead, I want to walk a road that I will be proud of someday when I look back.
Get cha head in the game?? It is really all up to you.

March 16, 2008

Finding meaning...

Thinking bout the next step almost always made me wonder what is this life all about?
Was just spending some time with my good buddies yesterday and not much serious conversation, only some silly jokes and dinner together.
I remembered watching a series where the actor said, "I'm someone that is serious about my life and am responsible with the things that I do. I just don't know what I want in life yet...that's all."
It made me laugh thinking about that remark for I felt that was what I wanted to tell people around me. But then again if I'm serious about my life, I should at least know what I want right? loL!
I am listening to the new album by the Backstreet Boys and I like the beat very much...give me much space to relax and think. I don't really know what to blog anymore....politics seem to be a hot topic lately but I prefer to keep quiet on this...probably politics does not make much sense to me at the moment. Well, maybe my dad was right...I am still much more bout life that I do not know.
Aiks...boredom seems to stick with me.
Everything that I do becomes a routine and eventually bored. haha! Could this be life?
If I were to live in this way for the rest of my life, it will definitely be a NO!
I want to explore this world a lil bit. Enough of just exploring it through the net....but guess again, nothing is going to come true without money. Sucks! Yesterday when I went to Liang Hin's place, I saw him watching CONSTANTINE again...and it made me think how funny is it that these people just care about Heaven and Hell but forgot bout this life now. Maybe not so much of the movie but more so of the people I used to spend a lot of time name some would be like Aunty Esther, Pastor Chan, Uncle Cheow Leong and to be honest many more.
Just felt like mentioning their names here in my blog for the first time....haha! out of anger but I think I have every right to state what I feel inside after spending so much time under their leadership.

I will find my own meaning in this life. I know that this life is only need more people to really care for the living

March 12, 2008

STPM results...

Yesterday was the day where I got my STPM results. 2A, 1A- and a B+ was okay to be honest but I was expecting something more. I thought I could be getting A for my Physics and not an A-. So was kinda disappointed. Anyway I guess I can't change anything already by now. So might as well just focus on the next step.
Well, to all my friends who have done exceedingly well for their examination, CONGRATULATIONS!!
As for those who might be disappointed with their results, I guess it is something that none of us can change now and the best thing to do is to look for the better option now.
I know that it is not easy to do it but I really hope that you guys would be able to get what you dream to be.
Hmm....enough of STPM results I guess.
So, the next step seems like a difficult to choose from. Some people go after dream....I am not so sure about what would it be that I will follow after.
Anyway that is all for the STPM updates.

March 09, 2008

Just stop work.
Election is over.
Now what??
STPM results coming...OMG!!
Haha! really been freaking out now that the results are coming out on Tuesday noon. Honestly I am not confident these time around for the examination results. But what has been done is the past is history...time to look forward. Recently was thinking a lot about what to do next. Although I heard a lot of people mentioned about studying overseas under loan and stuff...I felt it really isn't worth it. For me to spend so much on studying, coming out into the working world will be full of burden...full of debt. I rather be studying in cheaper university (that's if I get to enter also) cause how many fresh graduates are going to earn 5 figure salary. Hmm....basically everyone be earning around the same is just how fast you will be getting increment. I believe that the working world is different and yes, a lot of people said it's dirty. But I want to believe that doing the right thing will also be a key factor to be successful.
Anyway that is all another story.

Haha! Well, now I guess it is time to come back to Earth and look at more possible choice.
Actuarial science seems to be providing a good path for a good career but how long will that take? Probably some people will think that I am trying to push the time into so short that it is impossible but really, I think only that will motivates one to go the extra mile in everything.
I might consider actuarial science though and if I get to enter the university....great...I'll be going in but chances are...hmm...let's say it's a lil negative.
Anyway guess these are the things that really have been occupying me. Friends, I never think that growing up will be such a difficult process but now that I am in it, I understand that it takes more than just believing and talking about growing up.

Just the other day, a friend told me that my blog is more or less the same in the content. In some ways, I agreed. I guess it was the way I look at life and at that point, I knew that I have never really been looking outside the box. If I am able to look at this world in another spectacle, I would probably be learning more about the abundance of this world.
The next thing I will be focusing on is MUSIC....I wanted to get myself playing guitar again, probably learning a bit of piano....(not sure if my aunty will have the time or not though). Well, let's just said I am trying to allow my emotion to be moved by a different platform. LOL! Perspectives, mentality, emotional, spirituality....I think it is all connected....probably it is like an attractive force among these elements and also some repulsive force when these connection are being too close. But then again, it all seem too organize at the moment.....I think all these platforms will still be changing all the time...just read something from the "HOO-HAH" of the GENERAL ELECTION lately...changes are bound to happen, only dead people that don't change.
How long have you been a dead people???
It has been some times since the blog being updated but the world of football keeps going and indeed, a shocking news are seen everywhere in Europe. Definitely a season that is full of excitement.
Just as The Red Devils seem to be on fire, Portsmouth cause an upset for Sir Alex's boys and they make it even more difficult for United to take it as Manchester United were force to play without a goalkeeper after substitute, Tomasz Kuszczak were sent off.
oh, out you go...what a RED CARD for United...

A penalty kick that sent United out of the FA Cup is a drama indeed especially after the Devils just demolished the Gunners with 4 goals to nil. And although United dominate the game, it proved that only goals will separate the best and it is not just about possession.
While the news might be upsetting for United fans as the dream treble went into ash, United's rival, Chelsea also suffered a shock defeat to Barnsley....both giants were out of the FA Cup with just a goal.

football is not always about MONEY....Barnsley score the only goal against Chelsea.

It seems that even the best will have to bear with such minor mistakes in their season, which might just be the reason for them to be empty handed at the end of the season. Let us remember how Arsene Wenger has to bear with that for the whole of last season.
Talking about Wenger, it is even more dramatic. Gunners who were highly criticized for their failure to perform just when it matters overturn and shut the critics' mouth, with a 2 goal victory over the defending European Champions, AC Milan at the legendary San Siro stadium. A perfect night for the Gunners as they need to fight back into form after a humiliating defeat to rivals United in the FA Cup.
As for Kevin Keegan, it is really a tough job for him this time around. The Reds who were in tremendous form make it 3 - 0 and it seems that Newcastle has lost that winning touch. Not even Michael Owen could do anything to stop his former club from making it worse for the Magpies.
Well, not only is drama happening with the English clubs, the La Liga leader at the moment, Real Madrid were beaten on aggregate with 4 -2 against AS Roma. And while the 9 times European champions can blame it on the absence of their key striker, Ruud van Nistelrooy, it is only proving that they're lack of attacking options.
Not even the statistics could justify the defeat. Their defeat is simply because they're not as hungry, not as good as, not as united as AS Roma. The Italians were excellent in every way and their performance make the defeat by both the Milans not as painful to take for the Azzuris.
Back in England, Arsenal is ready to face Wigan who definitely give them a good fight and might just bring them back to Earth after a historic victory over the Milans. While the Gunners might be full of confident and enthusiasm to make it even more challenging for the Red Devils after their defeat in the FA Cup as well, soccer has never been predictable.
Let us just sit back and enjoy this beautiful game....90 minutes, that's how long it is before the results are confirmed.

Pictures: credited to soccernet.

March 02, 2008

The EPL title race enter into an even tighter challenge as Arsenal were only able to score the equalizer at the very last minute while the RED Devils had an easy victory against Fulham, even though Ronaldo, Rooney, Giggs and the many star players were rested. A marvelous free kick by Hargreaves in the 15th minute while a rare header by Park Ji-Sung in the stoppage time during the first half let United take control of the game. Rooney, Ronaldo and Anderson were only substitute with the remaining 20 minutes and just after the substitution, an own goal by Simon Davies complete the day for Sir Alex as Manchester United cut the 3 point lead by Arsenal to only a point. Not to forget The Blues are also in the run for the title...the best performance among the giants for this weekend, a thumping 4 - 0 against West Ham is impressive enough.
A surprising weekend for Tottenham though as Birmingham thrash The Spurs with 4 - 1. A draw against the Gunners during the previous weekend must have given the team a boost to perform such an awesome game. Newcastle suffered yet another defeat against Blackburn. It must have been tougher than expected for the Magpies to bounce back. A team with enough stars but not results will not survive in the Premier League and Newcastle might just be experiencing it at the moment.
Manchester City were held at home against Wigan. A goalless night for both the team might be costly for the season. The Red Devils' former captain, Roy Keane's boys failed to break the deadlock against Derby and the game ended goalless as well. Middlesbrough suffered a defeat at home against Reading, with the final score at 0 - 1.

While the title race for the English Premier League is getting tighter, the same goes for the Spanish League. The La Liga giants, Real Madrid and Barcelona are just 5 points adrift.
Although the Catalans suffered a defeat, and the league seems to favour Real Madrid at the moment, a shock goal by Getafe against Real Madrid the other week seem to tell the fans that football is indeed a game that is unpredictable and is not over until the season is over.

The league games are tiring and the players will also have to start preparing for the Champions League. Recent performance by the Gunners might affect the chances that they have against Milan. While Milan might not be performing in the Serie A, FIFA world player of the year, Kaka is definitely going to turn the game in favour of AC Milan.
Inter Milan will have a tough time making up for their performance against Liverpool the other week and no less than 2 goal lead against the Reds will be needed if they were to march on in the competition as well as they did in the Serie A.
Manchester United has a tough time the other week and were lucky to grab the equalizer against Lyon. Lyon is definitely not going to make it an easy road for the Devils.

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