June 28, 2008

Goodbye schooldays...welcome to uni life!!

The end of one story is the beginning of the other...
A new life ahead!!
Goodbye to my good friends...wishing everyone all the best!!

June 26, 2008

Germany in Final

Germany beat Turkey 3-2, thanks to a 89th minute goal by Lahm. While Turkey playing one of their best football, the Germans are lucky enough to escape with a win. Turkey strikes first, goal from Ugur Boral, before Bastian Schweinsteiger equalize for the German side. After that, both side hold on to the same scoreline until 11 minutes from full time. Klose header makes it 2-1 for the German, before Semih Senturk get Turkey back to the game. However during the closing minutes, the Turks lose concentration and Philip Lahm slip in to score the match winner for the German. And so the German in the Final. This edition of Euro is full of surprises as we see a lot of hot favourites like Netherland and Italy KOed in the Q-Final. Spain was the only group winner that manage to pull through the Q-Final. The match between Spain v Russia is expected to be an interesting one, since the Russians are in their peak having lost 4-1 to the Spaniards in the opening match.

pieces of my story

Just bought a new handphone, or more so a PDA.
Introducing HTC P3600i
Basically the new mobile rocks!!

Okay...enough of mobile phone. Lately been very troubled by a few issues yet I knew that I could not just get rid of the problems. At the moment probably is best focus on the things that I could and afford to do...and also to do more than that a little bit everytime, expanding my capacity. That is 'proactive' according to Stephen Covey.
Some of my friends been wondering why my blog ain't updated consistently anymore lately but it was really because of workloads and some of the unspoken thought that kept this blog silent for a few days.
I still find it difficult to talk about any of these with anyone. It is more related to my past...some of my spiritual convictions and how it requires me to be more 'open-minded'.
I was reading emails of how some stories change...and how it hurts at times. To be sincerely loving people around you opens up the opportunity for people to hurt you. Probably that is why I no longer dare to open my heart to people around me. It does not mean that 'friends' no longer play a part in me but I could not shared the struggles with them anymore, no matter how good those people are to me.
That probably includes people closest to me.
Anyway that was all I could said for now...yesterday just have a sort of reunion with my classmates...here is one snapshot of the moment.

not ready yet...

now we are ready!!

My story goes back to me at 13...
  • an introvert looking for a community to be part of
  • found CGBC, Liang Hin and Co.
  • the departure in 2007 from the Youth Group
  • new circle of friends in St. Michael
  • STPM exam...stress moment
  • results....
  • IPTA now...farewell

June 21, 2008

Thinking of friends....it seems like a farewell for real...

The university life is about to begin. Enthusiasm is there....but nothing is more than the sadness within as I have to say goodbye to the close friends that I have.
I believe it is not the FINAL for those friendships yet I felt that indeed there will be a lot of difference from what it used to be. I am already missing those 'buddies'.
It seems right to post some of those "happy moments" in the blog but I felt that I want to keep those for the final days...=P so decided to post some appreciation here using images...

the cartoons clearly speak of those beautiful friendships I have...

These words are hard to be said, but I hope that the message is clear through this blog.

Even before the goodbyes actually take place, I am already looking ahead and anticipate for "reunion"...

We are on our own now....the roads that separate this friendship...

two different roads for us..

Hope that in the years to come, when we finally meet up, there will be a great stories awaiting to be told....ALL THE BEST FOR ALL OF YOU!!

June 20, 2008


the results!!

I know that the IPTA results have been out for some time. But it seems that I am too tired and busy to even update it in my blog. So decided to do so today.
I was wondering what my options are at the moment. To be honest, I still aspire to be an actuary and I already send some questions regarding the professional paper and I realize that no degree is required to take the paper, which is the key to my decision to go ahead with the course in UM.
A lot of my friends seem to be excited about going into university but probably I was rather busy with work which is why the enthusiasm seems to be rather low compared to my friends.

Nevertheless I must said that I am looking forward to it as well.

I also seem to be rather distracted by issues like the Euro 2008 especially since so many are betting on Spain to win Italy. (My support will always be with the Azzuris, the Netherlands might have won them 3 - 0 in the group stage but the Italians are back on form)
Another thing that concern me are those that close to me who failed to enter the local university, or the course that they want.
And of course the financial issues...I felt that I need to be more proactive in generating income and though many felt that I could not cope with the situation in my tertiary education with work as well, I felt that I could be better than the expectations of others. (the pressure pile up!!)

the campus map

And here is some of the information I gained regarding UM...one of it the campus map...

The University Malaya library...
Mon-Fri: 8.00 am to 10.30pm
Sat-Sun: 8.00 am to 4.30pm
Public holidays: closed

This is probably one of the place that I will hang out when I have time...been more captivated at books lately.
At the moment that is what come out of my thought.

Germany in the Semi

Germany beat Portugal 3-2 in Basle, goals by Bastian Schweinsteiger, Miroslav Klose and Michael Ballack. This mean German in the Semi while Portugal out of tournament following 2 consecutive lost. The German has been stuttering form since the opening match, but against Portugal, they are like another team.

Other Q-Final Matches:-
Turkey v Croatia
Italy v Spain
Netherland v Russia

Other updates include Italy and Russia pip in to the Q-Final following their convincing win in the final group match. Italy beat France 2-0 while Russia beat one of the tournament favorites, 2-0.

June 17, 2008

The long wait for the university entrance results

It has been a very long wait since the day I took my STPM results. Waiting for the time to move seems unbearable. Maybe it was these long months of waiting that is making me restless at the moment.

The frustration of waiting seems to be overwhelming at these point. Probably it was anxious and worries as well that made me felt so impatient about waiting. I really wish to know what my NEXT STEP would be, and really...the thought of waiting for another day seems to be too much to take at the moment.

IPTA results will be out by Wednesday according to THE STAR and hopefully it is accurate. I just can't stop looking at the watch every now and then and wonder why the time seems to be stagnant at these point.

Guess I could not stop myself from pouring out the frustration at this point in my blog. (a few more hours of wait...aiks)

Anyway there is still reason for me to rejoice and be happy. Haha! Today Yen Leng brought lunch for me in SAM TET after school. (am very happy to have someone who love me so much...=P)
Guess that is all for now. =P

June 16, 2008

Portugal, Croatia and Netherlands Into the Quarter Final, Switzerland and Greece Out of Euro

Again, another round of group matches scoreline updates.

Czech Republic 1-3 Portugal
Switzerland 1-2 Turkey
Croatia 2-1 Germany
Austria 1-1 Poland
Italy 1-1 Romania
Netherlands 4-1 France
Sweden 1-2 Spain
Greece 1-2 Russia

The surprise for the match is Croatia beating one of the hot favourite Germany 2-1 and Netherlands trashing France 4-1. The results meaning that France will have to take the tournament to the final group match against Italy where the winner will have the chance to enter the Q-Final, should Netherlands beat Romania. Croatia beating Germany meaning Croatia joining Netherlands and Portugal in the Q-Final. Italy still haunt by bad luck and though they have scored few against Romania, but 2 was disallowed by the referee. Goal scored by Toni was a genuine one but was ruled offside, while Zambrotta has a crossed collected by the Romanian keeper in the goal, but again it was ruled against the Italians. Can the Italians beat France and qualify to the Q-Final? Again, either the Italians and the Frenchmen has solid chances as all still depend on Netherland beating Romania, should either of the side got the match.

Another surprise is that the Turks came from trailing 2 goals to beat Czech 3-2. The Turks were 2 goals down for 73 minutes, before the come back. Czech, having one of the most talented keeper in the world fail them by spilling a cross that was the turnaround of the match. This mean only one thing, Turkey check in, while Czech Republic sent home.

June 13, 2008

interview done today...

Today was really tiring. Waking up in the morning to take the bus to Kuala Lumpur for the interview. And only reached Ipoh at close to 8.00 p.m. Anyway I am thankful for both my brother and sister who accompany me for this trip, not to forget that Yen Leng actually volunteered to accompany me but I guess it was better for her to work. (her last 2 days of work)
Okay, about the interview...I think it was great. We were given 45 minutes to write an essay, a group interview and finally a face to face interview.

the building is quite a nice one...=P

I felt that the interviewers were very nice towards us.
About the questions, I better keep it private. =P
Anyway I really think it will be a good start to begin a career in Great Eastern.

Great Eastern Holdings is the largest insurance group in Singapore and Malaysia, with about S$45 billion in assets (as at 6 Aug 2007) and 3 million policyholders. With two successful distribution channels – the tied agency force and bancassurance – it is the market leader in both Singapore and Malaysia.

In addition to its headquarters in Singapore and 29 branches in Malaysia, Great Eastern also has branch offices in Brunei, a subsidiary company in Indonesia and representative offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Great Eastern is a subsidiary of OCBC Bank, Singapore’s longest established local bank with total assets of S$164 billion and a network of over 390 branches and representative offices in 15 countries and territories.

But anyway the results of the interview will only be known later. As for now, I am looking forward for the university entrance results. (it's been a long wait...=P) Besides that, tonight is a match for Italy in EURO 08. It is do or die. Aiks! I hope Italy will be good enough to beat Romania by at least 3 goals.

June 12, 2008

scholarship interview

I have the scholarship interview in KL tomorrow....(to be honest I do not what to prepare myself.)
Anyway I only hope for the best tomorrow...not to forget about the PROTEST in KL.
In a way, if I have extra time, I might just drop by to see what is up. =P
Well, sorry for being silent for quite some time. Been busy with work and preparation for the scholarship. Looking forward for the interview. (Keep me in prayer and wish me luck!)

While I am worrying about the petrol hike, scholarship interview and the university entrance results, I am also disappointed with the Italian defeat in EURO 08.

damn it! lost 3-0

But nevertheless I am looking forward to settle my work, the interview and focus on the EURO...I still have confidence with the Azurris. =P

Euro 2008 First Round Scores To Date

*Current scoreline for Czech v Portugal is 1-1. Deco scores for Portugal and then Sionko equalize. Still five minutes remaining in the first half and Portugal has a corner. *

I am currently watching Czech v Portugal and thought about updating this blog with all the 1st Round scores to date.

Switzerland 0-1 Czech Republic
Portugal 2-0 Turkey

Austria 0-1 Croatia
Germany 2-0 Poland

Romania 0-0 France
Netherlands 3-0 Italy

Spain 4-1 Russia
Greece 0-2 Sweden

Most of the scoreline was predicted, well at least close to prediction except Netherlands giving Italy, one of the most defensive team in the world a bashing 3-0. Could the Italians staring the 1st round exit this Euro? The only hope for Italian is to beat Romania and France to qualify. But the BIG question again is, are they up to it?

June 07, 2008

Malaysia BOLEH!!! naik naik naik!!!

I was doing some research for my essay for the Great Eastern Scholarship when I bump into this chart...which made me realized how much the cut in subsidy has been and yet our public transportation has yet to improve.
Reality hits!

(the Boleh land for the wrong thing...)

It is incredibly awesome to see such chart...it is an exponential pattern. Increasing at a speedy rate....reality is that our public transport has yet to improve? If this were to continue, what will happen to the poor?
I wonder...anyway I need to get back to my essay...rushing against the deadline.

the struggle of Malaysians.

It would be ignorance if any Malaysians would said that they are fine with the petrol hike. I was recently reading a few blogs lately regarding the situation now and no doubt about it, we were still being subsidized by 30 cents. The government talk about the market price and all of us would agree with it but then we cannot just talk about it for convenient sake. What about us paying market price for our cars as well?
No doubt it will be a great benefit for the public if the money used to subsidize for petrol is used to improve the public transportation, but the question is that our Deputy Prime Minister had already said this since 2006 but up till today, it seems to be worse at times.
Can the public transport be improved? The government had been comparing our petrol price with Singapore...if that is the case, improve our transportation system as good as theirs if not better.

It is indeed a struggle for all Malaysians at these point and it is sad to hear from the news about how the police giving warning to the public to stay away from demonstration against this petrol hike. I am not trying to encourage all these demonstration but if as a citizens of this nation, we don't have the right to voice our perspectives, it is no longer democracy.
I believe that there need to be a proper channel to voice the thoughts of the Rakyat, but is the plea of the public heard? Many are not just angry because of the price hike, it is not just because of the '78 cents per litre' increase that cause the public to be disappointed with the government but the system in implementing it.
At least provide the public transport which is efficient for the public.

This is the struggles of all Malaysians, be it the Malays, Indians, Chinese or other race....it is a time for Malaysians to start looking at one another as one, to brace through this tough times.

The '30 cents' subsidized would be much appreciated if the system done is accordingly.
No one wants to fight the government for no reasons.
There need to be a willingness to hear and listen to the RAKYAT.
This is the struggle.
This is the moment of change. A wave of change...we will fight this inflation as a COUNTRY...as Malaysians.

Here is some of the public views in Malaysiakini

June 05, 2008

the MALAYsian dilemma?

It was as if the economy was not bad enough, but the Malaysian government has finally made it official that from now on, it will RM2.70 per litre, an incredible amount of raise, up by 40% compare to the previous, RM1.92.
It seems that the INFLATION crisis is not about to end, but it is the BEGINNING of it. My friend was telling me, what is going to left when we come out into the working world...I think "SOLVING PROBLEMS". The Malaysian dilemma now is definitely POVERTY, and it is affecting the middle class citizens as well. I could not imagine those people who stay far away from town and need to drive all the way there, for a salary of about RM800. How will survival look like for them?
Anyway I think it is time to look for better alternative such as CARPOOLING, or CYCLING, or even JOGGING if it is within walking distance. But then again, these increase will also affect economy badly. I wonder what SOLUTION will there be?
I guess we need to be a lil more chill throughout this situation.
I bump into these photos...find it very cute...haha!

suicidal seems a better solution at the moment. (chill la brother! don't die yet!)

Hmm...it is not that we are only angry at the fact that the raise has caused so much difficulties in the lives of Malaysians. But beyond that, we don't even have a good public transport for us to take as an alternative. The other time when Mr Lim Guan Eng suggested that the profit from PETRONAS be used for the completion of the bridge in Penang but the Prime Minister said that it is needed for other subsidy such as the petrol. But now it seems that the whole situation is in a mess. I wish to be part of the change in Malaysia and will not be supportive of Tun Dr. Mahathir call for Dato' Seri Abdullah Badawi to step down but there need to be positive results to convince the people. I could not help laughing looking at this photo on our Prime Minister. (it is not that I hate you but there need to be a better solution than all these mess)

The MALAYSIAN dilemma it is now...so be ready to face the days ahead with even more tough times!

June 04, 2008

Italy's Cannavaro out of EURO 08

With the EURO 2008 drawing closer, it is one news that the Italians would not love.
The skipper of the team, Fabio Cannavaro, who was ruled out of the tournament on Monday after tearing ankle ligaments when he was tackled by Giorgio Chiellini in Italy's first training session in Austria will be replaced by Gamberini.
With Alessandro Nesta already retired from international football, it is now up to Marco Materazzi and co. to do the Italian job. Not to forget their goalkeeper, Buffon who has always been considered as one of the best goalkeeper in the world.
However, the world champions are not to enter into the tournament in low spirit as their skipper, Cannavaro will stay on to be with the team for the tournament. That support will definitely keep the Azzuris going strong for the tournament.
My vote goes for the world champion, Italy.

Alone, angry...

I was reading some of my "friend's blog" and really, it hurt me more than anything else to see people that could be so close to you at one point of time and the next, forgetting about you entirely.
It made me felt abandoned, alone...after years together. (I know some people probably be guessing who am I talking about but I believe it is someone you won't be guessing.)

A lone ranger...

Anyhow the frustration is there and I did not want to pretend to be strong all the time, because I am not. It seems that "friends" wanted understanding but never seek to understand. (I don't doubt that I could have been the same)
I am not talking about the 'meeting up all the time' for that itself is not connection.
The disappointment is unbearable.

Probably there will be others who felt the same about me.
Memories are so fictional...I am taking this from Thoo's blog. (his title)
I guess sometimes when we looked back, we will see how many times we slapped at those who love us the most...ignoring those who care for us.
Trying to be part of a community to change, but at the end of it, what change is there?
Timothy, Silas and Titus cell? what meaning is left?

I am leaving...leaving behind the memories of pain...moving into a new world, even if it means to walk through it alone.

Another day pass.

It seems that time has stop for me.
Everyday is a routine and probably that is life.
I am at this point of waiting and I could not wait to grasp the door to another phase of life, and yet what meaning is there if I were to run away from any point of my life.

the darkness within

I tried to recall something meaningful that happened recently but I find it difficult to even tell stories about it. Probably there is none, except for the moments I spent with my family and girlfriend I guess.
I want to move on in life, but it seems that everything has stop. And I no longer have the strength to move on.

The stage that was ready for performance and yet there is no audience yet. That is more or less what life is...because all of us are so busy playing our own part that we forgot to enjoy other people's performance. Am I too caught up with my own performance as well??

I edited the picture of the seats, as I felt that the arrangement of lives is this...it all look so predictable, so organized and certain yet if we look careful enough, we will see so much uncertainty and unorganized seatings. At least how I felt it is now.

I was reading some of the articles and came upon an APHORISMS by Rein Nomm.

Money may talk, but when it speaks to me it's always in a foreign tongue.
The most know the least, and couldn't care less.
Since no man is richer than one who has fulfilled his every desire, true wealth lies in governing our wants and desires.
Truth is an empty room furnished in the fashion of each succeeding generation.
The theist believes that God exists, the athetist believes that God does not exist, and the agnostic doesn't know; but the apatheist just doesn't care, since the world would be exactly the same either way.
Life is an eternal now shrouded in dreams of tomorrow and memories of yesterday.
A warm heart, an open mind and a ready smile, what more could you want in a friend?
Poetry is the fruit of language, both delicious and nourishing.
Life is a fabric of moments strung together by the delicate thread of time.
To own is to be owned, for we become possessed by our possessions.
Counsel freely given is seldom heeded and soon forgotten.
Some dress well to conceal a shabby soul.
When it comes to people, more is less.
A coarse mind seldom yields polished thoughts.
Words cannot conceal the tale of a tear.
When right becomes wrong, what's left?
Distortion is the norm in a near-sighted society.
People preoccupied with saving time rarely appreciate it's true value.
We exchange our time for objects in hopes of gaining something that will endure.
If the heart is only a muscle, is love just an exercise?
Feed your vices well. For good wine and cigars do no more harm than their inferior kin.
Every vice eventually has its price, and it's usually more than we are willing to pay.
Many good wines go un-tasted for lack of a proper opener.
Money may talk, but does it have anything interesting to say?
Minds that accommodate contradiction are seldom troubled by truth.
A nation that excels in producing waste, will itself waste away.
Advertising is just money talking - very loudly.
We float on the river of time, caught in its increasingly rapid current, desperately grasping for a limb before we are carried into a sea of oblivion.
There are no professionals in the game of life, only rank amateurs.
Judge no one to be truly rich until you know the worth of their character.
A flower is the epitaph of a seedling, and vice versa.
Errant thoughts always find a receptive mind.
A man's epitaph reveals more by what is left unsaid.
Today there is no safer place to hide an object of value than between the covers of a book.
Photographers are the taxidermists of time.
We are all penciled into the book of life and death is the eraser. Some lives, however, prove more indelible than other.
It is the unlucky who depend most upon luck.
Every face tells its story to those willing to read between its lines.
Man is a prisoner of the child.
Like dogs on a walk, we are each on our own leash, some shorter and others longer. Some of us reach the end of the their leash early and pull against it the remainder of their lives. Others remain totally oblivious of even having a leash. Which is better?

Today's sentinels of culture, unable to distinguish friend from foe, sound no alarm as the barbarians storm the gates.
Our life begins its journey as a wide, meandering river only to end as a narrow, dry riverbed.
Promise man eternity and he'll believe almost anything to obtain it.
We are each prisoners of time serving sentences of unknown duration.
The mills of money grind slowly, but they grind so small.
Life begins with a cry of pleasure and ends with a sigh of surrender.
There's a natural symmetry to life. From nothing we came and to nothing we return.

If you should ever despair, just reflect on all the things that you can do that God cannot. You can feel hope, desire, relief, anticipation, longing, regret, guilt, sorrow, remorse, and fear; but God, by definition, can’t. You can learn, grow, improve, make mistakes, forget, cheat, lie, grow old and die; but God can’t.

June 02, 2008

Euro 2008

Click the image to enlarge

Most of us are eager for the day to come. The day where 16 nations in the Europe battling to crown as the European Champions. It is sad to say that England, fans' favourite missed out of the competition. Nevertheless, EURO2008 still has the fierce competitors like of Italy, Germany, France and Holland. With Italy, France and Netherlands in the Group of Death, the first round already has lot to offer. Still few more days to go and it is the opening ceremony at St. Jakob Park, Basel, Switzerland. While we are waiting, here, I uploaded the fixtures which I'm sure that most of us already has it. In fact, this coming Friday, The Star might have one session dedicated for EURO2008 with all the fixtures inside and what to watch out for. Till then, just book your calendar for your favourite team's match.

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