November 28, 2008

Wash my hour gone

I was rather tired after spending an hour on washing car but nevertheless the satisfaction of it is beyond words. It has been quite some time since I wash my car...with the commitment at tuition, studies, friends, gf and seems rather impossible to find time to take care of one's car. But I've grown to believe that when one said that there is not enough time, it is only an excuse that they are giving to themselves. I regretted for spending so much time blogging and not taking good care of my house at times....loL!!
Anyway, I am going to wash it again in another like 3 days. Haha! I want to make sure that the car is in excellent condition.
Well, I have not been doing push up and sit up for like 2 days and really, it tend to be continue if I don't push myself back to exercise. I am still rather blur...guess I still need sleep....

Moments together with my classmates, USS1

It seems that life has taken a new direction when one head for adulthood.
No more playing the fool all the time. No more going to school, yum cha, and BBQ...but well, I guess some of us just couldn't let go of the past. That's the USS1 buddies. Today, we meet up in Kinta River....haha! A new place opened next to the river...but OMG....the river is as the dirty as ever. Nevertheless we have our fun time together.
I think probably it was quite some time since we meet up and really, everyone has their own stories to tell. Sometimes it was difficult to relate to people that you have not meet for such a long time but I guess with close buddies, that doesn't make much difference. Really, it would be great if life could stay in such a way as long as we live. Haha! I wonder how long we gonna stay connected but I believe that this friendship will carry with it the memories for as long as we live.
Some people like Tuck Yuan and Yih Yoong that have been missing in action for a long time were there and the feeling of being together is great. I guess studying in Sabah is the right decision for Tuck Yuan. It will definitely be cool for him to be in a new environment with so much fun. =P
As for William, didn't change much I guess for him. He's still the guy who talks about jokes almost all the time, and busy as ever.
Teik Tzuan also didn't seem to have much difference.
Of course, this class reunion was not complete as some important people like Kumara, Jessie, Guo Jian and some others were not present. Haha!
Well, seeing people like Chee Lupp, Hon Meng, Chip, Pei Yin, Benjamin, Hilyan, Kho Kha and the rest really are encouraging.
In all sense, it was really a great time spent together, in a place so near the starting point of this friendship, St. Michael's Institution.
Well, we are going to have another BBQ time at Carey's place on the 14th of December. Haha! Looking forward to it. I can see why our class is special.

November 25, 2008

Christmas, a season to celebrate!!

Yes, Christmas is just a month away.
I really didn't know how this year gonna be, with so many changes over the last one year.
Here is part of the process while one anticipate Christmas...

The beginning of Christmas mood...

Ok, now what? I'm hopeless at it...someone teach me pls!!!

Yen Leng is busy putting the stars up while the pro (my brother) is looking over the whole process....a thumbs up? I don't think so...

It seems to be going quite smooth now...=P

Oops! the star is broken....I can't believe I couldn't finish setting up the tree...damn the stupid star...have to buy a new one....aiks!!

Well, this year, I ask Yen Leng to set up the Christmas tree together with my brother and I. Really, I want to celebrate this Christmas with a new perspective towards this celebration...cheers!! Santa Claus is coming to town!!

Left out...haha! that's me...=P

It's only lately that I realize how left out I've always been. Probably it was in my nature not to follow up with the latest happenings. Anyway, just went through my friend's latest photo albums and I'm like OMG!! So many new friends. Haha!
Let me UM, I only manage to make good friends with erm, 1,2,3......around 10. Haha!
Anyway, it is how one change their focus as they grow for me, I'm more of a "family man" now. Haha! While my friends were busy looking through their books and revising for their exam a week before our final exam the beginning of this month, I was like giving tuition, spending time with family and girlfriend.
Well, it was really kinda depressing at times, especially when you realize that your friends are moving on with a new bunch of buddies that you don't have a clue who they are, you definitely feel left out.
Anyway, I'm really excited bout this holiday...going to see some of my friends again. Miss some of them loads. And then, I'm spending some time getting in tune with music again. Let's say I wanna be playing guitar again.
Btw, gold price is skyrocketing up again...haha! might consider selling it for some profit at the moment. Well, all these are still under plan. Hehe...and yeah, I'm going to pen down some of my thoughts in the form of a story. I'm not good at it but really, I guess I want to do things that I love to do....and all these are part of it.
And this Thursday, class reunion!! haha! Cheers!!

November 22, 2008

random thoughts

Sometimes probably I'm not the type that just sit around and do nothing but being in a relationship, it also teach me about love language through silence. At times, being with my girlfriend while she rest, I felt I need to learn to be still and just be with her.
That is probably the love language in a relationship, by just being there for one another.

November 21, 2008

You've got to MOVE IT, MOVE IT!!!

"Who says penguin can't fly?"

Honestly, the Madagascar 2 is damn funny and a MUST WATCH MOVIE!!!
When I watch the movie, I was extremely tired but the movie just energize me....Alex, Marty, Melmon, and Gloria....the director and script writer must be very creative and spend a lot of effort for the movie.
I especially like the Penguin.

The movie started off with the flashback of Alex's life before he was captured and somehow fallen to the sea that leads all the way to New York where he became Alex, the King of New York.
This movie was really rather different from other cartoons and yes, it is way too much with the Penguin being a bit too genius but it manage to humour the rest of us, and I guess that's the point.

I didn't wanna spoil the mood of those who have yet to watch but I must say that if you didn't watch this movie, you're missing all the joy and fun you can get from this MOVE IT!!!

Anyway, it was also the first movie that I watch with Yen Leng and her brothers. I guess when one is into a relationship, it is a time to make more effort to even get to know the family and be closer in a deeper level. Well, that's all for now!!

November 20, 2008

What do you do when you have ample of time to do things?

Here is what I do during this break besides blogging and exercise. The fan is like damn don't believe me? Take a close look at it yourself then.

see the dust up close....loL! Can't believe I took photo of it.

Well, I didn't just do that for the whole day right?
Here is something else that I did:
This was my room throughout the time that I was in university. Mess up I can say. Well, I don't have the time to pack up back then as I travelled week in and week out from KL to Ipoh and vice versa. I also was way too busy with tuition, girlfriend, family and friends. As a results of it, my room become messy and yah....terrible!!!!
So I did not waste time during this holiday. First thing in mind....clean up the room...

While cleaning up, I have to unload so many things from the cupboard and the table. I have my own enjoyment in doing that as I embraced the memories of some of the gifts from my friends.

This one was given to me by my aunty. She passed away....really, in some ways...I do miss her.

This one was bought by my brother and I...

I am a Christian...haha! (Jian Yao bought this for me years ago I think....)

My brother's Ferrari collection..I'll make sure I'll get one of those when I grow up!!

It was a surprise to see this disc still with me.
Don't misund me...I'm not a big fan of Kong Hee....(he's no good haha!)
Just a friend borrow it to longer hate or feel despair about it. Guess I'm getting over it finally!!

It took me quite a day to clear up my room...I mean it's really messy....haha! But am happy with the result....hehe!!

Making sure that everything is in order...=P at least for now...haha!

November 18, 2008

Making sure the momentum keep going.

Was rather tired yesterday after the work out.
And I was thinking maybe I'm not the body builder type but then I did not want to let it be a one day thing.
I'm going to regain my fitness. Haha! I did another few round of 10s push ups....and maintain the 50s sit up for the day although I only woke up at 9.00+++
Anyway, I am rather busy today. So will not be blogging too much....hehe!!

November 17, 2008

What would you do in the holiday were you to wake up at 6 in the morning?

Today is my first week of officially holiday...loL! And guess what...I wake up at 6 in the morning to be back at my jogging field. It was like the first time since months I ever jog and the feeling is good....=P
I'm going to be building up my body as well.
Since it was like my first run since months, I only attempt a short 1km. And back in my training days, I usually at least have a 1.5k run. I also attempted a short 50m sprint....not too tiring though but I was back at home, playing with the dumbbell, not a 11kg though. I only attempted a 5kg one...loL!
This one is the 11kg set...I attempted the 5kg first.

And I was back in push up and sit up. And I was doing push up in 10s for like 10 times and also doing sit up in 15s to 20s in like about 4 times.
I am going to give myself an intensive 1month plus training....hehe! maybe you will see a Daniel Craig body shape in me next time I take my own photo...oops!! haha! Well, I'm going for a breakfast soon....

November 16, 2008

Something that I blog about in church

While waiting in church, I was writing in my PDA some of the thoughts and feelings I had at the moment.
Recently been hearing some news about church...not really just recently but for the past few months. I've been thinking....this is the "House of God" so to say but with all these fraud and shits around, how dare we as Christians claim to be followers of Christ.
For quite some time ago, if any of you are a big fan of Planet Shakers, perharps you already heard the news of Mike Guglielmucci lied about his fight for cancer. He doesn't have cancer... His inspiring stories of his strong faith in God and strength that comes from Him in his time of illness... aren't really true. And he is supposed to be a leading example.

I read of this comment from a blog, which I will not say which blog is it come from, a bit personal and might seem to be attacking on that particular blogger but really, it is just my own perspective which differs from hers here:

im inviting everyone to just fall on their knees and pray.. the church is hurting soo much and as part of the family, we should hurt for each other. pray for the pastor.. pray for the young people.. pray for everyone who's been hurt.. pray for healing... pray for restoration... let no resentment lead us astray and* tear us apart from each other. God has plans for His church.. let everything be a learning experience to us... and let us act proactively... the church has been hurt. let's not hurt it more...

Isaiah 50:10 Who among you fears the LORD and obeys the word of his servant? Let him who walks in the dark, who has no light, trust in the name of the LORD and rely on his God.

Let us first recognized that it was only the selfish act of an individual that such lies happen. Money and reputation is the motivation and we can't be blaming everything to God, saying that He has plans. God did not plan for such lies. It was an act of a human being. If someone was murdered by us, we might be okay to just come to God and ask for his forgiveness but the victims won't give a shit of what you are saying or praying. So don't try to be some big H asking God for forgiveness if you don't really mean it at all.

Lately, locally, something happened in my own church. A so-called leader was found to be a bankrupt and was strip of any titles he had. He left and a bunch of his followers follow him. The one thing that disgust me is how the church try to cover it up and not do anything about it. For goodness sake, this man has been a liar for years as a leader. And apparently, there was a prayer of blessing.

I might sounded as though I am the type that only seek for justice but really, it is not that. I knew that everyone has their own weaknesses but for someone to be preaching about money and having that same shits in his own life, that is totally unacceptable. For that is hypocrites, the very thing that Jesus came to rebuke. Remember that Jesus said "For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 5:20)

Anyway this is what I blog about while half heartedly listening to the Pastor preaching in my church.

What has Christianity become of over the years?

Losing the sense of purpose in the name of what ways? The inability to see God beyond "ministries". Has God become entrapped within the church context?
Over the years, a great change in the Christian perspective has taken place. Remember the time of the Crusades? Remember how Christians kill in the name of God? And during th Renaissance, have we forgotten how Christians burn scientists who were accused of being heretic. And for goodness sake, it is only the theories about the Sun being the central of the universe. Isn't that strong points enough to prove how far we've gone wrong at times?
In the 21st century, a new wave of change also take place. The "revival" type of phenomena is happening everywhere. Christianity has become a "cool" culture...with the MEGACHURCHES manipulating the "feel good" factor. And no doubt about it, it has been very much accepted in today's culture. The question remains whether these sort of "spirituality" are remaining faithful to Christ? The "Christian concerts" are always a hit....Planet Shakers, Hillsong, City Harvest...these are always big things and they never seem to fail to attract audience. Recent reveal of corruption and fraud has once again put the integrity of such Christian leaders at test.
My personal view of all these shits are that we were too focus on making Christianity a strong religion that we forgot the values and message that Jesus brought to us.

I won't deny that indeed Jesus told us to spread the Word of God but that was really the last part of His message. Have we neglected His message on justice, holiness and mercy? Try talking to "full time workers of church ministries" and you will realize that many of them did not bother about the current world issues. But isn't the environmental issue part of something that Christians should stand for and fight for?

We are too into the 'feel good factor', thinking that there are some sort of "powers" going on in our prayers. I didn't deny the possibility of miracles but then again, is it a miracle that will change the inner heart or the love that is shown in this life?

Christianity cannot be further manipulated by the concept of "power", "miracles", "blessings", and "idealistic hope" again. We need to engage with the work of Christ in every aspects. There is a need for us to be honest about the failure stories. I hate the hypocrisy in any organizations that choose to hide their wrongdoings and failures. That includes my church.

I am a Christian that love God and I will spread the Word of God in a way that does not contradicts my beliefs of Jesus. For Jesus made it clear that if you were a sinner worse than the Scribes or the Pharisees, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. is hypocrisy that put Jesus on the cross again. For everytime we pretend that we are in anyway better than others, we failed to see why Jesus has actually came and we should not even claim ourselves as Christians.

November 15, 2008

Quantum of Solace

What would you think of movie that starts from a few cars racing and some gun shots?
That's how the new Bond started.
Continuing from the ending of James Bond, Casino Royale, Bond was on his way to meet M, after capturing Mr. White. Quite a stunning action scene with Bond making a 360 degree turn while trying to get rid of his pursuers. And well, with extra excellent driving skill, Bond managed to kill his pursuers and meet up with M.

The whole movie was about this organization, Quantum and to make it worse, the CIA and British secret agent know nothing about it.
"The first thing you should know about us is that our people are everywhere," said Mr White. And that is when the first shocking truth hit M. Her bodyguard of 5 years and someone she trusted for 8 years was also part of this organization, trying to kill her.

The movie was excellent in a lot of ways...with some flaws though.

And the movie has left some unanswered details as well. As in where is Mr. White at the end? Well, the rather annoying part was the beginning soundtrack. Honestly, it was rather terrible.
Nevertheless, the action skills and intelligence of Craig in playing his role has make the movie worthwhile.
The villains are rather different in some ways, let's say villains are getting smarter nowadays.

Most people will probably argue that Craig has create a Bond that is different from the original but if we were to look at it from another perspective, he has create a Bond that is more human, and yes, more realistic.

British super spy, James Bond is someone with emotion, and could be moved and motivated by self emotion as well. Look at this Bond, you will find similarity with Jason Bourne from Bourne Ultimatum. A killing machine, seeking for some truth and full of vengeance.

Overall, I still think that Craig plays a better Bond than the previous others.

Now that James Bond is done, next is MADAGASCAR 2, ESCAPE TO AFRICA!!

November 14, 2008


After getting back from KL, probably I was too used to busy studying and suddenly not having any of these make it so weird. Nevertheless I have been quite a good driver for my family. Hehe....couldn't wait for tonight...will be watching James Bond, 007, Quantum of Solace.
After that, I shall post my comment.

Well, I couldn't go and celebrate with Jian Yao today as my cousin is staying over in my place. Felt a bit guilty as he was like one of my KAKIS as well.

Anyway wish him a Blessed Birthday here!!

Besides blogging, packing and cleaning up the house a little, as in mopping, I didn't do much. Anyway, I decided since I won't be giving any more tuition classes, I might as well set up a blog that could help those students who are internet savvy.

some content of my blog

I created the blog:

Well, it will be like my third blog fully under my management. I think I can in a way make it really useful for some of the SPM students.

I am only focusing on Physics and Mathematics though for the blog. Well, at the moment it is under construction halfway through but those who are interested might drop by and see if it's useful and helpful. Do drop some comment and let me know how I can improve.

That is my part of blogging. Yesterday went with girlfriend to Tesco to buy something for one of her colleagues who has a baby boy. Well, I must said I don't really like shopping but guess it's good to have some time together under the air-condition. loL!

Besides that, I am also looking forward for another movie, MADAGASCAR 2. "You got to move it, move it!!" Hehe....=P


I really am looking forward for movies, music and sports. I mean I'm so deprived of it when I was studying and teaching tuition for the last few months. OMG! I can't wait to go for jogging this week. I'll have one month plus holiday and I'm going to give myself a good rest....=P

November 12, 2008

I've got myself A NEW BLOG

the image taken from my blog...

I'm keeping this blog but I'm having a new one as well. Partly because of Evon's comment on me being too political at times in my blog.
Well, nevertheless the blog will not just be on POLITICS, more on "Critics".
I name it Idle Page cause I'll only be blogging when I am having a lot of free time.
Gosh!! Couldn't wait to comment more on the new US President but at the moment, I shall be in a rest state.

Newton's First Law states that a particle/object will persist in its' state of rest or uniform velocity unless being acted upon by an external forces.

I shall be at rest unless an "external force" urge me into blogging.

Back from exam...

It was a whole tiring week.
I didn't have enough sleep and was rushing on my studies.
The examination was quite tough compared to what I was expecting. Maybe I did underestimate the university standard.
Anyhow I miss out so many things....RPK being released, the US election and OMG, OBAMA won it. Lol! And I really can't wait to see the sort of changes that this man talk about. The Star put it that he could be the thinking president. Isn't that a bit too much a praise for a man we barely know. Well, I really do need my rest and I've got much stories to talk about soon.

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