December 30, 2008

Time to talk about Christmas

Isn't it good if everyday were a holiday?
Haha! Well, I loved the time I spent during the holiday.
And I loved sleeping so much!! Haha!
Anyway, I guess it's about time to be blogging about how Christmas passed by for my little life here...

The fire place made by my sister....looks real enough for me....=)

My cap look a bit awkward when compared to brother and sisters...
Christmas tree up and done!!

This is my gf posing with the snowman...

My uncle, aunt and cousin not wanting to miss out the fun as well...

Everyone with their own style...=)

My grandma getting her gift from us...=P

Cousins and my gf....=)

Basically, on Christmas eve, it's just another family gathering with a little more decorations around the house. But I guess what makes this Christmas more meaningful to me is that I'm seeing the beautiful story in this family as I move on in this life. Well, I guess now that Christmas is gone and only a few days for New Year, it's time to think of New Year Resolution....=)

December 29, 2008

The need to accept the opinion of others...

It has been quite a while since I updated anything on my blog here.
At times, I rather feel that it is necessary to keep quiet and learn to see from other perspectives and views. The other day on Christmas, I was out for a drink with LiangHin and a bit of window shopping for me.
It was really a relaxing way of spending Christmas. No more hectic schedules, and no more mission, evangelism or ministries. Well, I'm beginning to get used to this life now.
And really, I'm beginning to learn to hear from others through this period of time, where conversation will not be so manipulative but simply a sincere expression from the heart and I'm finding joy in that.
I remembered how I joked about entering the territory of Elder Lian and causing some mess but when Agnes' mom talked to me about this man (whom in a way I dislike very much) and defending him, I felt that I was beginning to listen and accept her views for in her perspective, he might have been a great man.

Today, I was reading the opinion in the Star Newspaper where this guy who criticize bloggers for not being transparent themselves and my first reaction was like: "Yeah Right!" in a sarcastic way. But come to think of it, there is some truth in it and I need to in a way give credit for that opinion however much I disagree with it.

I remembered how I used to manipulate a conversation and probably that was the reasons why some people hated me. Now I realize that keeping quiet and learning to listen the views and opinion of others could be a much better approach and I really am learning that.

On Sunday, I saw Nicholas in a petrol station and he changed a lot. So much more skinny than the last time I met him. We did not talk much as I had a service to attend on that day but I guess it will be good to be meeting up with him again.

December 18, 2008

University starting soon....need to rebound from the upset...

Sometimes disappointment is unavoidable and yes, I won't doubt it. I did not do as well as I ought to for my final exam in the first sem.
But I guess that's all in the past now. And it's time to look forward.
I'll most likely be still tutoring students back in Ipoh, which means travelling will still be very much part of the routine but this time around, I won't underestimate the examination.
Anyway I guess it's better for me to start choosing my subjects for the coming sem before it's too late...always miss out the deadline.

December 12, 2008

How I celebrate Anniversary with Yen Leng...

It's been a while since I left anything in my blog here. Was busy with lots and lots of stuff...basically fetching people here and there, teaching tuition, yum cha with frenz once a while.
That's my routine but I guess I'll have more free time in the coming weeks.
Anyway, here is how I celebrate anniversary with Yen Leng...our first year together. I am the type who don't really remember dates but I think sometimes if remembering helps to make your loved ones happy, no harm making it special right?
Well, it was on the 4th of December, and she was working so we only have night time to celebrate.

I make her a photo album, containing our cute photos...loL!
And then I write out 100 reasons why I love her...not bad huh...and it is ORIGINAL!!

Some of our photos that night...we went for PIZZA, as both of us are quite "po kai" adi....hehe!!

oops!! I took her photo without permission again...

Me here, trying to act cute...OMG!!

When two becomes ONE...

She's like..."don't kiss me la...taking photo now ah..."

Imagine taking photo like these in Pizza Hut, this is totally 18+++

Tasty...she's like eating so much...haha!!

We ended up wasting food....=)

Basically, we had a simple dinner, spend some time looking thru the photo album I creatively make it on my own, and yeah...a simple way of celebrating ANNIVERSARY yet special...haha!!

I was looking at some of the gifts that was given to me by her throughout the year...

Saying "I LOVE YOU" in creative way...

If this is not love, what is it then?

I want a chess set and I got it from her...=)

The pet she bought for me that's easy to take care of...loL!! and it's BIG!!

Anniversary gift from her, and it's in pair...(didn't take the other one photo coz I took it at home)

The cross, the ring, and the one she bought for me for ANNIVERSARY...these three comes in pair...

My birthday present, the belt and Manchester United t-shirt and still got one's a FOOTBALL...=) (But i didn't take the photo....)

She even bought me books, still got two more by Mitch Albom....

I used to wonder where in the world the money went I know...the both of us spend so much on gifts....OMG!!

A year passed, and if I'm correct, she gave me at least 16 presents....which means more than 1 present every month...I'm so BLESSED...haha!!

December 04, 2008

Some of the snapshot when we went out to celebrate Evon's birthday!!!

The birthday girl, Evon...

I just wanna say that it's really good to have this bunch of brothers who are true to one another.
Ever since I left the church ministries, the "church leaders" seem to dump me. More like when your service is over, you're no longer required here that sort of scenario.
And I thank God for that for through my Form Six years, I found friends who are true to one another and to me, these are not just friends but part of my family.

Not everyone is here yet, but really, it's good to be meeting so many of you again, Siew Wei, Kee Cheong, William, Wai Soon, Teik Tzuan, Wai Hin, Carey, Vincent, Jo's just a good time to be together, talking about stories....

I's as simple as that

Just today, my mom was telling me the need to focus on my studies and stop giving tuition class. The whole world probably tell me the same thing, about the scholarship that I have and how it is enough to support me. The other day, a friend of mine also felt that I don't seem to be bothered too much by my examination results. Maybe I ain't the same Kian Hin a year back where examination results matter to me.
Life ain't just about going through the examination period. Of course, the same could be said about money. That life ain't just about having more money.
I am working because I want to be independent.
Because I see the need to start taking care of myself. For I know and truly believe that one does not qualify to talk about change, or even helping others if they could not even take care of their own expenses.
I am in a way at a dilemma, for I want to take the actuarial paper next year but part of me isn't confident enough to do that with my recently dropped results. A pointer at around 3.5 ain't what I expect for my first sem. Of course, I knew I have only myself to blame for wasting so much time in university as well.
But deep down inside I know I can do it.
To go through this sort of life for 3 years are bearable for me. I can handle it.
That's what I believe in.
I change, and I will admit that money matters to me, but it's not that I'm doing anything against my own principle for the earnings. I only want to support myself and I've done it for at least around the past one year.

The next semester will begin soon and I am already on fire to prove to others that I ain't just another average dude. Lol! I like the way Evon put it in her blog..."I'm just not a piece of the big jigsaw puzzle" and I'm going to do what it takes to be part of that piece. Haha!

This is about a new challenge for me. I wanna be excelling in my studies as well.
But I didn't want it to dominate my life.
I change and I think it is as simple as that.

I didn't wanna talk about change and making a difference til I could see myself making much changes and differences among the lives of those closest to me.
This is a new beginning...

December 03, 2008

Church turn into a market place??

If you ever read my blog about Christianity, you will find that only criticism and negative words seem to be coming out from my mouth. But that's not the entire truth. I'm not against Christianity and I dare say I still believe in salvation through Jesus Christ but what's the meaning within, there'll be much discussion on that case.
I just hope that Christians will realize that the moment we start to look at ourselves at any better than others, we are of no different from the Pharisees in the time of Jesus.
For me to kept on criticize, it is only because I believe there is always room for better, and when I said that, I am welcoming people to criticize me as well. For example, I truly understand why people who don't like me for putting advertisement in my blog. And yet, I must said and remind those closest to me that I've no intention on making use of this friendship to earn the extra income.
I must admit that I'm trying to earn more money and I have strong reasons for that.
Anyway I shall not talk about this for now.
Last Sunday, to be honest, I felt disgusted at how the church is being turn into a market place. I won't mind if let's say the church is going to sell Bible or other Christian reference but what the heck....even stationary, cross and calendars were being sold. I was speechless to see it happening and though it used to happen in my church as well, I'm particularly more affected by it this time around due to my change of perspective.
Anyway the church probably was only supporting some of the church members or some associations but yet I felt it was not the right way to do it. I remembered that in the past, this guy, Kenny was selling his stuff in church and yes, he was doing business. Of course he was selling Christian accessories but yet, to be manipulating the church as the market place, it was not the right way to do it.

If you're a Christians, you probably know of the story where Jesus was angered by the same sort of incident. What has the church become of? A market place?

If that was not bad enough, Christians organizations should look at the price tag of their accessories. The cross was sold at RM19.90 and I was like what the hell...I could get the same sort at RM10 in the pasar malam or even at parade. The books were sold at price that could not be affordable by the lower income group. Has Christianity been part of the consumerisme strategies as well?

I was angered on that day and though I lack the courage that Jesus had to scold the people back in his days, I hope that this blog will brought many into realization of what they themselves are doing. Christianity has been manipulated to a point that it lost the original sense of losing themselves for God. Christ has came to show us the way, the way of the CROSS.

My simple prayer for a new generation who will rise up to defend their faith in that manner.

December 02, 2008

Only one more month of holiday

About one month of break has gone, meaning another month to go only.
Anyway, I hope to make full of use of the break, rather than be back into SLEEPING mood.
Yesterday, Yen Leng was on leave....we went breakfast, bought some junk food back to her house for her family. Then we went to Jusco for a walk, watch "TWILIGHT", bought home the TWILIGHT SAGA, BREAKING DAWN. And I was surprise as she was so interested to read the book that she wanted me to buy it.
Well, I think in a way it's good for her to read books that she like, and it helps her on her English.
After that we spent some time at her house before I went home for dinner.
At night, she came over my house to spend some time together, while onlining. Haha! She couldn't really get to use her house computer to online as the connection was extremely slow. (She's not using any broadband)

We had supper with my family, watched a TV series, "FORENSIC HEROES" (I know it's rather outdated) before I sending her back to her home.

Last Saturday, I went out with some of my school friends near St. Michael and really, it was great to see how she (Yen Leng) was trying to relate to my friends as well. I hope that she won't feel left out as I knew some of my friends only use English to communicate.
Anyway I hope Evon enjoyed the simple birthday celebration that we had for her. Really, it was a good feeling to be seeing everyone again.

Alright....I guess enough of me blogging here. I wanna get something to do. Haha! Btw, it was really great to see Wai Soon in love. OMG!! haha! Well, you guys can check out the details in his blog...I know I'm rather outdated....=P

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