Back to university....

Was back in university and the feeling and enthusiasm is there. A good thing I believe. At least this time around, I don't dread myself to study.
I also have a new cupboard. Of course my roommates are still the same....the funny and playful group. In a way, I enjoy that much better than spending time with nerdies who only talk about theirs studies.
While I myself am the type who would study for good grades, I believe there is a need for other more crucial stuff in, friendship, freedom, conversation...etc.

My new cupboard

This time I pack everything a good mood for a new season...haha!!

My parents fetch me to KL, we ate in Domino's Pizza....funny how I find it more meaningful to take their photos than having one for myself...

The two of them busy looking at the phone, the food and ME!!!

This is how you eat when you're hungry!!

I'm taking my cap with me, cause my hair is a bit too long and messy...look nice here??

Well, for this sem, I'm kinda organize and plan out the schedule as I wouldn't want to be skipping too much classes for no reason and I started doing my tutorial....OMG! it's like months since I did any mathematical work.

Well, yesterday the class was good but way too long. I ended my class at 8pm...and I had dinner with my friends in KK3, Kolej Kediaman 3...the best Mamak inside University Malaya and guess how much I ate? RM7.10....Gosh!! A bit too expensive for me as I'm supposed to be saving more money this year. Anyway, I guess that's all for now....hopefully, I'll learn to enjoy my time both in Ipoh and KL...


  1. hey there. you have a nice blog too.
    all the best for your current sem! :)

  2. u've interesting blog here too. thanks for dropping by my site :) and all the best to ur study as well...


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