Books aside, it's Chinese New Year!!

Is that the kind of perspective that should be in my mindset as the holiday is coming?
Well, just a week holiday and yet so much to do. Sometimes I wonder if I have that amount of time to do so many of it.
Anyway, most of my mid-term exam will begin after the CNY break. Honestly, I wonder why they don't choose some other dates. At least we don't have to be so pack during our one short break. After how much can one do in a week?

Well, I guess it's kinda difficult to put the books aside even though it is a break and holiday.
By the way, I would really love to be back in Ipoh soon. I'm getting more sick here everyday with the lousy food and lame lectures. Oops...I can't believe I'm complaining about lectures here but I can't help it. I kept falling asleep inside my Calculus 2 class and I was really trying real hard to stay awake.

Just this week alone, I had a sore throat, headache and a diarrhea. I really don't like the spicy food here....ish! It's making me crazy.
Alright, I wish I could blog more here but I've got my tutorials to do.
Btw, Addie...if you're reading this, I wanna apologize for that for not being available for you. Will talk to you more when I'm back this week.
CNY!! Here I come!!

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