I need to have motivation to move forward.

It was funny how I find myself going into the library borrowing this book: College, Becoming a Strategic Learner Study Skills.

Anyway I must be honest. Although so far I'm still doing fine with my studies, but I'm really lacking that certain passion to excel in it. Just today, I went into my tutor class for Statistic without any preparation and while the tutor ask questions that require logic, I could easily answer but when it comes to definition and formulas, I have no idea at all. Simply because I did not prepare.

Sometimes, I wonder how those students who have that sort of stamina to be rushing from one class to another, while I struggling to stay awake inside the lecture hall. I finish one chapter of that book in a short time...and I am currently reading a book about Aristotle by an author by the name G.E.R. LLOYD. It's funny how I can be so into other books and not my own study materials.

Well, tomorrow will be going back Ipoh for CNY break. In a way, I'm anticipating my comfort at home but I know tomorrow will be a long day for me once I reach Ipoh. A tuition class at 5.30 and then a dinner with Samuel and friends for his 21st birthday.

I couldn't believe that we're actually 21 this year. I wanna achieve so much before I reach 21 and yet now that I'm 21, it seems there's nothing much that I could achieve.
Was reading about Barrack Obama just today. The new President of the United States. In a way, I hope this man will bring a positive change to this world. So much of killings, wars, and innocent lives being taken as if there's nothing wrong with it.

For one reason, I'm excited and always full of energy when I'm reading and writing about such articles, stories or events. In a way, I felt that my passion is towards writing but probably it's too much a risk for me to take this path.

I remember about the MPH writing contest that Evon told me about. I'm planning to join it but with only about 2 months, I'm not sure if I could write anything good for it. Anyway that's the plan for now.

Can't wait to be back....


  1. Hi fellow coffee lover. I demonstrate coffee machines on the weekends~my job today :-)

    I am also an online tutor. It was disheartening to hear that you are not engaging with classes as much as you would like.

    When I was at uni I would look for ways to make the class relevant to my life. With stats I started collecting data at home. On myself, my pets, my diet, water intake, electricity use etc. Really worked.

    All the best with your studies this year~ Char

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