Keep the Good FAITH

I recently watched a TVB series that has a rather tragedic ending. And yet throughout the series, I realized that sometimes in life, not everything is fair and sometimes good people might not be getting the reward they deserve.
Look at the corrupted world and we can easily see so many people who are not honest and yet earning big bucks. And the fact is that most of them get away with it.
I am definitely not promoting corruption nor am I saying that doing evil is good. But all I am saying is that if doing good ain't going to promise a great reward, does it mean we should give up on all the good values that we know deep down inside need to be practised daily?
We are not saints. None of us are...and in fact, sometimes we do the very things that hurt those that are close to us. It is only through that constant trials and efforts that matters.
Imagine if you are a runner, no matter how fast or how good you started off, what matters is how you finish the race. The endurance and consistency.
Probably that is what we need to keep remind ourselves, so that we will keep the good faith.


  1. yes..have faith in God no matter what happens..

    i told aaron about u ... surprised? haha.. anyway keep in touch..

  2. hello visiting you...i is how we finish the race...:-)

  3. Hey man, just found you again. Real nice to see you're still going strong after leaving SMI!

    And you raise many valid points in this post - other TV series that have no poetic justice like HBO's 'Rome' etc make you realise the same thing. I guess deep down we expect everything to be just in the end, especially on TV - but it's not that way in real life. Keep the faith man.


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