I wanna runaway,
Where my past cannot reach me,
To stay away from all the pain in me,

I wanna walkaway,
Into a new and peaceful place,
That no one knows me...

Where the past is history...

I am in need of a new world,
Where I never have to face this pain,
I wanna walk away,
And never looking back,
Far away,
Away from all that hurts me

I couldn't face another day,
I need to walkaway...
I will runaway,
Run into a new space...

I want a brand new story,
That I long to embrace,
But I know the truth,
My past will not stop haunting me...

I will walkaway,
I will runaway...
I will runaway....

I read of a friend's blog and honestly, it hurts me more than I imagine it to be.
Somehow these words just came out from my mind.
Runaway, walkaway...really, I hope I could just do that.


  1. Why so moody???
    It's chinese new year.
    You should be more cheerful haha


    (I see a smile in your face now, I can see you!!!)

    Life has it's
    up and down
    high and low
    It's what the down that make use more HIGH (I mean happy of course don't think dirty, ok? =P)

    so cheer up

  2. hii you again.. :D smile.. :D

  3. hey ^^
    linked u jor XD
    happy chinese new year XD


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