Angel sent from Heaven....


I remembered that almost 2 years ago, I had one struggle in a relationship that seem to haunt me forever. The girl's name is Angeline Tan. I know that people who know me well enough will probably be wondering why suddenly talk about her again or maybe for those who are even closer to me, you might be wondering how come Yen Leng has nothing in similar with Angeline.

I would like to thank people like Evon, Addie, William, Guo Jian, Liang Hin, and those who are more than willing to hear my stories throughout my struggles.

Looking back at my previous blog, I realize how much I have grown and see things clearer. The growing process has never been easy.

This poem was taken from my previous blog:

on Monday, March 12 2007

If we love somebody we could be this strong,
Strong enough to lose,
Strong enough to be weak,
Such is the paradox of love,
And because of this,
This love, I'll keep in my heart,
Allowing the memory in me to sink in slowly,
And if that day would come,
A new story would be written then...

I now know meaningful and importance my past is to me. Because no matter how time flies and how we move on, we carry with us that memory. And that memory stays in my heart.
Today, a new story has been written and is continuously being written. And I want to be able to say that if we cannot embrace the painfulness in love, then we can never going to be able to share a love from our heart with that special one.Bluek!!

Having Yen Leng in my life has been moment where I see so many things from a new perspective. In what most Christian would said: "a childlike attitude".
And I'm not being ignorant about reality but it's about going through mess and shit s with someone who could understand you in a way that people close to you will never be able to do it. She has been my strength and encouragement throughout the time when I am left alone.

Some people asked me, "Why Yen Leng? She's so different from Angeline."

I think the answer is not something that I could share it with plain words. Let's say when you look into the eyes of this girl, you'll see something different. An innocence that you cannot find among intellectuals or even regular folks.

A new story is written and I know my poem speak of the exact truth for I carry with me the past. Because no matter what you do, the past is part of you.

And yet I know that when I look back today, I can laugh about those experiences.

I want to be fair to the girl I love, because I never really posted much about her.

Yen Leng is not the kind of girl who is intellectual. She is emotional and easily hurt by things happening around her. But her sincerity and love towards people around her has been geneuine. I know of so many people talking about God, trying to make a difference in the lives of others or others who might be only concern with their lives. Basically, all types of people. But none speak of an honest love. Be it with me or as a friend.

When I said this, I'm not saying that other friends are hypocrites but her passion towards others and the honesty in her speech, action and lives are outstanding. The first time I felt she is the one for me was during my school days when I tried to teach her in her studies. I knew that it was stupid to waste time teaching her but somehow I felt I have to and I felt it was all worth it.

She isn't the kind of girl who can hide her emotion but she is the kind of girl who will be able to put others above her, even though it means hurting her.

An angel sent from Heaven? I don't know but one thing for sure, I'm convinced and I know I have found the right one for me. I have found the girl I love and the girl that I will protect, no matter what it cause....and if there were times that the past memories reoccured, I know I'm only recalling a lost friendship.

When this new story started,
I wonder if I ever gonna let go off my past,
But now that I'm so much in love,
I realize that the memories will always remain as one of my past,
A history that I cannot deny,
And when I look into the present,
I see Yen Leng,
And when I look into the future,
I see her being with me still.
To me, that's love.


  1. hey dude...
    dun care what others say about you and yenleng...
    you yourselves know why you love her right!??
    then it's enough lo...
    dun care about other ppl...

  2. bro,
    its my pleasure to listen to u...u make a fairly good listener turn to say thank you for everything u have done, the calls n msges when i'm all emo and simply jz being my bro..
    love always,

  3. hi kianhin, do what your heart desires...there is always a reason.. God shall bless both of u..


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