BN rule Perak again....

Probably it was a news that some people wouldn't wanna know. But the fact is this and I think it is only proper to accept defeat the way we embrace victory. Most of the people are unsatisfied as the election and democracy in Malaysia has become so "unworthy" and "corrupted". But before Pakatan Rakyat start blaming others, let's look at the inner circle first.

One of the biggest mistake that Pakatan Rakyat has been doing ever since the election is to look at the issue of defection as something of a norm.
Secondly was when Anwar kept setting new dates to take over the government.
Thirdly, the unity among DAP, PKR and PAS are still in doubt.
And of course, the unqualified group of people that Pakatan Rakyat has been supporting throughout the general election. A postman, a retired army, a clerk...what are there in these group of people that could help the rakyat??

Well, the way Pakatan Rakyat welcome those who choose to walk away from BN is also a sign of "greed of power" more than the concern for the Rakyat. I believe that if Pakatan Rakyat were to win the hearts of the rakyat and be even more successful in the next general election, it is to play an effective Opposition role and stood for Justice and choose not to tolerate with insincere and not opt for ways that could upset the democracy spirit in Malaysia.

Today, when BN choose to take over the government through a way that probably is against the will of the rakyat, it simply means that they have not change from their old ways. While this could be another chance or probably the last chance for BN to prove their worth, it could also be the end of the democratic spirit within the party and among the rakyat, which will turn the rakyat against them. And if this is the case, that is the end of Barisan Nasional.

I am not trying to be bias here by supporting Pakatan Rakyat because I too, like many other citizens of Malaysia, all the more as someone from Ipoh am disappointed with the party ways of embracing defection.
If Pakatan Rakyat indeed sees and feel for Malaysia, then they must stood against it even when the situation might benefit them, not only when it is against them. And in this issue, only a few in Pakatan that manage to maintain their consistency by standing against it. Naming a few would be Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh etc.

Let us not blame the corrupted leaders, but blame us for believing in the wrong candidates.
If Pakatan Rakyat indeed learn anything from this, it is that they cannot simply choose and place a candidate just for the sake of it, but each individual must be responsible and hold their principle strong.
The rakyat has place their trust in Pakatan Rakyat during the General Election and now when BN take over, it is a failure of Pakatan to keep their promises and hence, they must look deep into their own mistakes and undo it. Be a better party for the future of Malaysia.

And if BN were to continue to be in power, then they will need to start looking at a clean, transparent and accountable for their every actions. Something that only DAP has been showing so far, (their leadership in Penang under Lim Guan Eng)

Malaysia's hope for a better future lies not only on this election alone but how we look into the way both parties carry themselves throughout these period of time.
If BN or Pakatan Rakyat were to be the government for the next coming election, they cannot affort to play the same old trick. What goes around comes around. BN will regret for their action today and if Pakatan Rakyat were to respond in a positive manner, it is a thumbs up for them but if not, I see no other alternatives in the country, at least not at the moment.

The hope lies on the hands of the party that can stand strong with a great sense of integrity and not greed for power.

As for now, I wish the best for BN in their imposed leadership on Perak.
And for Nizar, you have been a great leader. If not all of us, at least some of us has seen your effort. In trying to be Hang Jebat at this moment would be foolish. But to walk out of office as someone who has tried his best is an accomplishment.


  1. sure a sad day for many perakians

  2. it is indeed very disappointing that it ends this way.. something like by hook or by crook.. and they did it by crook...

  3. Haha...But i think we just need to teach BN a very good lesson for being bias, corrupted, racist and selfish....Hmmm..^^


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