In joyful mood....

Lately I have been quite happy and doing a lot of things that I felt worth it.
Well, was back into exercise, although it's just once in a week at the moment but I'm feeling better with each time I go for a run or gym.
Anyway, I just bought myself a Kad Diskaun Pelajar for the KTMB. But I'm sharing with Evon la, so it's like only RM15 per person for a year. And now I'll be traveling at RM7 per trip.
Although it was written discount 40% but for some reasons, the people there kept telling me that the 40% is only for some service. Anyway, 30% discount still seems good to me so I didn't argue.

Here is my Discount Card...

I also am using my 017 again. For those who prefer to call my 017 number, please do so ya!!

I realize that it will be much cheaper for me if I use both my 019 and 017 number. Lately, not much income so need to save a lot of money adi.

Well, yesterday was my Algebra Linear 2 mid sem test. Was quite tough but hopefully I'll still get good results out of it.

The other day was talking to my gf about some of our problems and I realized that the process of growing together is even more meaningful when it comes to accepting one another's weaknesses and of course to learn and grow together in the process.

Well, I guess that's all for now from me....:-)

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  1. you mean the discount card is just RM30 per year??


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