Let God alone be judge!!!

Deus solus me iudicet

Have you ever heard of the Crusade war?
What was your first respond when the first plane hit the World Trade Center 8 years ago?
How did you feel hearing the pastor preach about Abraham willing to kill his own beloved son, Isaac?
When was the last time that you didn't judge others for at least a day?
Why did you feel unhappy about the girl who wear almost nothing to church?
Which is the right respond, to judge or let God be judge?

Today, I will want those who think they have the right to judge hear this loud from me: Dues solus me iudicet. "Let God alone judge me"

The Crusade war started because Christians believing that others should accept Christ and hence force others through war. And if you don't, it's better to die than to live for you...at least that's what they think. September 11 was a tragedy because of some terrorists thinking that they were doing God's will, which eventually cause the pain to thousands. Abraham story was one full of mystery for if a man claim to try to kill his son today as a sacrifice to God, we would no doubt put that man behind bars. Probably we judge people too often that there's not a single day we didn't judge others. We feel unhappy about others when we feel that they violate certain rules that should be obey. We talk about God being the judge but we always judge others ourselves.

I didn't wanna have a conclusion on this post here today because I believe there should be room for others to explore and think about it themselves. Let us not be hypocrites accusing and blaming others while lifting ourselves up. When we said "Deus solus me iudicet", let us also do the same unto others.

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