There is no point to talk about changes in the realization phase

Some people make responsibility sound so easy, but it's not...

I was just reading one of my friend's blog and really, I felt a bit of a pity for her and yet I think it comes a point where we cannot talk about changes in terms of realization alone but rather, it needs an active involvement and participation. She was talking about her involvement in so many activities and the lack of time. I believe that most of us will come into this point at certain time in our lives but this was something I heard two years back if I remembered accurately. Anyway, it's a choice that we make that determine how our lives are moving. Some people choose to be involve in so many things that they neglect the very thing that mean so much to them.

We could blame people for the choices we make, but at the end of the day, it was our own responsibility to hold the consequences of our decisions.

At certain time, we all need to be "human" and once in a while, fret and run away from our responsibility, but there will come a time that we must oversee our own "struggles" and start picking up the shits and mess in our lives.

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