Tribute to heroes

Have you ever wonder what it takes to be a hero?
I wanna pay my tribute to some heroes in my life:

My family...of course when I talk about heroes, I must first mention my family because throughout every moment of my life, they are there for me.
To me, they are the real heroes that help me through thick and thin.
Thank you for being there for me at all times. And no matter how I messed up at times, you guys are there for me!!

Close friends: I think I need to be more specific here as there are a group of friends that really help to inspire me throughout my life, be it during the time when I was actively involved in church activities or not.

LiangHin. Yup...if you're from Timothy Cell, probably this man has been a figure that help you, encourage you and spend time with you throughout your youth. I'm part of those from Timothy. I just wanna tell you guys that this guy is one person that spend his time teaching me, from the first day I went to church until today.
Special note for you, LiangHin: Those times you spend with me and be there for me....those memories will always be something special. Thanks for choosing to go the extra mile for me!

Aunty Lindy: Thanks for sticking with us and standing through the messiness in "church politics" with us.

Addie: Yo brother, I just wanna say thanks for being honest about your struggles with me. And thanks for the constant contact. Your smses and contact continue to inspire me and help me move on from the disappointment of the organization that betrayed us.

Evon: I just wanna say thanks to you for your consistency in keeping in touch. And really, I wanna say thank you to you for listening to my stories when it was in a mess.

William Liew: Brother, I guess you're one of those that I knew ever since Primary. Not that we were close back then but really, just want you to know that the time spent together in Form 6 has been meaningful to me.

Guo Jian: Hey hope you're doing well in Spore. I just wanna say that I'm glad to have know you in Form 6. The only regret would be that I didn't get to know you earlier. If it weren't for you, I probably won't be enjoying my Form 6 as much as I did now.

Siew Wei: Thanks for the sincerity in being a friend. I guess having you as company is a blessing. You didn't dominate any conversation. You were eager to help and always caring.

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  1. I'm flattered..honestly..haha..ur stories aren't that messed up time passes, I find friends harder to make and sincerity in friendship even, thanx for being a great friend bro..i promise to be as consistent as i can..=)


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