University Malaya bus service is a shame...

If I were to be given another opportunity, I might follow the footstep of my elder sister in pursuing her ACCA while working. One of the main reason was simply because I could not stand the inefficiency and the damn attitude of those who think their job is "highly rated". Smokers who only pollute the environment and their only job is to fetch students from University Malaya. Even then, they fail miserably, in terms of their attitude and job ethics.

My disappointment does not just come in a day's event but yesterday it definitely turn me off. I could not accept for the fact that while it was raining heavily, a stupid bus driver could just dropped the students far from their hostels. And all he said was: "U tahu baca kan? Tengok sign board dulu." What the was raining heavily and expectation of mahasiswa and mahasiswi is to read the sign board. And if that's indeed so important, why don't they use English for their sign board. There are some international students with us at that point.

Anyway, I could only say that even St. Michael's Institution stand on a higher rank in my heart in terms of education and service standard.


  1. haha, the legendary UM bus service :)

  2. Our local university really need to be "rebooted"


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