Holy Holy is the Lord Almighty

I was rethinking about story of Jesus. The first time I heard of it....those moment that mean so much to me even until today.

Holy Holy is the Lord Almighty,
That You came to Earth,
Leaving behind all Glory,
To die to Self so that we may be called sons of God.

I didn't know the whole truth. I am broken, because in the attempt to seek God, I fail Him. Whether it be a friend to others or whether it be about being responsible to my own actions.

In fear do I come to You O God,
Not that You are a police officer or someone eager to punish me,
Yet entering into a conversation with You seems to push me into dying to myself more each day,
Which I fail terribly.
Your Glory is too much for me,
Your Holiness tear my pride and glory apart,
I wish to know more of You,
I wish to be able to call You "Abba Father",
But each time I try to utter such word, I felt that I am crucifying Christ again,
The image of Passion of The Christ becomes so real and so terrifying,

Oh what a broken, sinful and evil person within me,
What a humbling thought,
I didn't know what else to say....

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  1. yes, we are sinful but we have a forgiving and compassionate God who hears our desperate cries for help and He will lead us thru. Sometimes we do not understand why, but know that God is a Great God and if you have simple faith in Him, you will be at peace.


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