Saddened by Altantuya case..

I was just rereading some of the old articles from the internet regarding Altantuya's murder case.
Honestly, if you ask me, I wouldn't try to act smart and saying that I know who the murderer really are and after all, it's not safe right? haha! But then again, I was reading on an article that sort of describe the murder and it really saddened me.

I mean how on Earth is it possible for anyone to blow up another human being using C-4 and if it's for the sake of money, I hope that the murderer will suffer the same pain that he/she caused on Altantuya.

Altantuya and her child

Although some people might condemn the lady for being a "bitch" or even looking for death herself but all these cannot justify the act of a murder, and a brutal one.
Her life might not has been a role model to any individual but every living being should not be blasted as though it does not mean a single thing.

Sometimes, it's quite difficult to find justice on this corrupted and failing Earth but hopefully, many more will stand up against any injustice or cruelty to stop another "Altantuya Tragedy."

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