First year is over...

I know I've been rather quiet lately. I was after all too occupied with my last minute studies for my final examination for my first year in UM. Frankly speaking, I'm not very much attach to any of the activities inside UM but I must admit I've managed to develop certain friendship to a deeper level. (Not the BGR type but learning to believe in friends as well.)

But I guess second year will be another challenge for me. I might opt to spend some of the weekends in KL for some part time job during my second year. I knew that a lot of my friends were talking about enjoying the university life. I hope I could but I knew that those activities are not meant for me. Somehow, I just know that I don't belong to that world.

Well, I already can imagine how my second year inside UM will be but I intend to put some life into it. And my solution will probably be to the "library". It seems strange to be talking about having life through the library but I guess one of the most attractive source of life in UM will be its' library. Full of books and it's where we learn and gain inspiration from other authors. I'm looking forward to read from other authors as well. Some books are pretty old but the meaning within it seems to be rather difficult for interpretation.

Anyway, I think it's for now. Too tired today for anything more...

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