Life....during the ordinary occasion...

Most of the time, we expected great things to be happening. We hope to see excitement in life. That's why so many people were talking about being bored when in fact all they're going through is their "ordinary life" or maybe their everyday life. I guess it's a shame for us not to see how important is it to embrace our daily "boring" life so to say.

some performance during the Easter celebration!!

I guess most of the time people were caught being excited for such event and no doubt about it, it's important to feel happy and even excited at such point but it is even more important not to forgo the "ordinary" days...or probably the other 'insignificant moment' in life. If that's how so many of us feel at times.

To be struggling inside UM, it made me realize that I was not learning the importance of the 'normal days' in my life. Probably I don't find anything in there to push me but I should learn to captivate the importance of such moment.

Halfway through my studies...

It may seem boring but these are all part of the important criteria to build the character within us. "Rome was not built in a day". And I believe no man grown at those "important moment" or defining moment so to say. But we all only see ourselves that way because those are when we go through the test/exams. It's just like when you face your final's not like you were improved only during the examination. You improve and learn and those growth takes place before the examination. Those defining moment is something like our "final examination".

The defining moment is crucial but let us not fail to see how "significant" our every other day actually is.

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