My Story: be continued....

Chapter 1: The Ending

The drizzling of the cool night rain had stopped, and in the calm silence of the after-rain, a man was lying motionlessly on the ground at the backstreet. He was probably around the age of 28 and a drunkard that you and I would not even take a glance at. Further down the road was a hawker stall filled with all sorts of noises. From the chattering noise made by the customers to the clanging sounds of pots and crockeries, the night life of Ipoh seem more like a routine for everyone. But every tale has its’ beginning and only when we look at the history of an individual that we could fully understand the story. The story of how one man grew to become a drunkard and how busy everyone else could get that so often, many forgot the values and special meaning in this life.

Let me guess. You’re wondering how the drunkard lying on the ground with an almost dead posture could have anything to relate to those eating happily in the hawker stall. And how all these could start a tale entitled “Love”.

But like I said before, every tale has its’ history. Every tale has its’ turning point, climax and ending. This story is about the beginning of a story that has already move to its’ ending.

I was having a hard time to continue with the story. Guess I was putting more effort into this one than my previous "blabla" stories...loL! Anyway, I'm taking parts and parcels of the ideas from The Matrix....sounds like an old movie familiar to you?

But you probably be thinking the link up between these stories...and I'm having rough ideas of it....anyway, it's a whole new experience for me but I'm a lil obsessed with some of the myth within Matrix itself...OMG!! anyway I guess that's it for my post...

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