the ordinary day I had today....

Well, today was just like any other usual day of mine. All the more when I'm not teaching tuition or studying. I had breakfast with Addie and we play a bit of "Winning Eleven". Talk a bit of "lame stories" and then I head back home. I was rather occupied with the latest news in Perak today in the morning. Checking the internet for the latest update until I realize that no point doing it any more.
Hehe...was rather a disappointing outcome but sort of predictable. I guess sometimes even though we already know some things will happen in such a way and yet we want to hope for "Miracle". I guess these feelings are what make us human.

I had lunch with my mom in RasaMas....some fast food related to Ayamas....not too good but bearable. At least better than when I was inside UM.

my mom looking at the menu while I take snapshot of the moment...

the food....I forgot to take the photo of my rice...loL!!

Apparently a Value Busters...but the bill was RM20.40 for two person...consider ok la....but I guess McD would have been cheaper...damn my place....nearby my housing area ain't any McDonald's outlet...what the hell!! aiks!!

Amazingly, the breads are much bigger than those in Pizza Hut.

Anyway I find the food there rather average...ok lah...can makan one...won't die...loL!!
Well, I guess the rest of my days were spent on reading some articles, and the Naruto manga...OMG!! I finally finished until the latest chapter. Can't wait for the next release though.

At night, I fetched my sister to her KOMPAS for her night! I feel like my part time job at the moment is being a driver...and it's for FREE!! Gosh!! Haha!

After that, spent some time with Yen Leng and her brother in her house.
Quite some time since I go to her house, due to the stupid Final Exam...but real cool....the parents still treat me very well....hehe!!
Guess I'm one lucky guy!!
That's for my day today.....

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