Back into university

I'm back into university and I must admit that I'm learning to enjoy those time I have in there as well, thanks partly to the small community there.

Anyway this year was a bit more different as I'm taking subjects that are slightly more difficult than usual. Probably it is uncommon to hear that from me. After all, I've never said anything about difficult ever since I enter UM. (loL!! Not that I'm good either)

Well, I have tight schedule as my classes run from Monday to Thursday and I'm back to Ipoh on Thursday night. I managed to maintain that trademark...loL!!
I am going to gym to workout on Monday and Wednesday night. I'm planning for badminton games, jogging or learn up swimming on Tuesday and Thursday night. Of course, there must be time for me to watch downloaded movies with my friends in UM. Studies...erm....I'll do it here and there so no worries....hehe!!

For those who are in Ipoh, sorry for not spending the weekends that I'm back in Ipoh with you guys, particularly to Evon, Addie and some others.
I hope that you guys will give me some time to manage my time first ya? Hehe!! I'll need to spend my time with family, gf, studies, tuition and other stuff when I'm back in Ipoh. Anyway I'm ready to start the engine for my 2nd YEAR!!

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