Happy Birthday Malaysia!!

Will we be finally doing something together as a nation? Hopefully one day, we can look at one another as part of one another....Happy Birthday Malaysia!!


Verse A

Mengapa kita berbeza [ANDY FLOP POPPY]

Ku tahu hatimu dipolusi benci [ANDY FLOP POPPY]

Kita harus bersama [DAYANG]

Aku, kau mereka, memahami, kompromi [DAYANG]

Verse B

Kita satu komuniti, satu arah destinasi [AIZAT, EZLYNN, DINA]

Hey generasi muda, usah kau bersendiri [AIZAT, EZLYNN, DINA]

Kita punya satu hati, satu cita satu jiwa [ANDY, DAYANG]

Kau aku dan mereka, kita satu nama [HANNAH,ANDY,DAYANG,RESH,AIZAT,EZLYNN]


Dengan satu suara,

kita serupa, walau berbeza

Genggam semangat waja

Dan langkah bersama

Dalam rentak padu yang sama


It’s the B to the E to the L I A
Let’s keep our head up for better days
Do walk hand in hand if you understand
The message is to be together in this motherland

Verse A

Where is the love that used to shine [DINA]

In this darkest hour, we’re gonna be just fine [DINA]

So let the love shines in your soul [RESH]

This revolution is gonna be our destiny call [RESH]

Verse B

Dalam satu suara, kita tiada bezanya [EZLYNN, ANDY]

Nyanyi lagu yang sama, rentak sekata [EZLYNN, ANDY]

Dengan satu suara, kita janji menjaga [DAYANG, AIZAT]

Kau, aku dan mereka, kita satu nama [DAYANG, AIZAT, ANDY, EZLYNN, RESH]

Repeat Chorus [ALL SINGERS]

Dengan satu suara

Kita serupa, walau berbeza

Genggam semangat waja

Dan langkah bersama

Dalam rentak jiwa yang sama


Sekiranya ku jatuh, terus bangunkan aku [ANDY,SOFAZ,AIZAT,EZLYNN,BUNKFACE,S.SCREAM]

Dan aku lakukan yang sama untukmu [ANDY,SOFAZ,AIZAT,EZLYNN,BUNKFACE,S.SCREAM]


Dalam satu irama, dalam satu cinta [DAYANG,DINA,ANDY,AIZAT,EZLYNN]


eethu un valkai, un pathei, un eerthukaalam
(this is your life, your path and your future)
otremei veedum kai kodhe nadeethe vaa
(unity is needed, come walk hand in hand)
naalai maadrum un nadeetheyil
(tomorrow’s changes is in your path)
en thola yen paala kuraalyil?
(my friend, why do it with different voices?)



(Our country should be one heart and one soul)

生活过得好, 最紧要我地大家开心

(Our lives are good and our happiness is important)


(Our Malaysian society is great)

无论遇到乜野困难, 我地一齐可以搞惦

(Whatever problems we face we can sort it out together)

Repeat Chorus [2X] [ALL SINGERS]

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