It's holiday and I'm sick...what the heLL!!

It's suppose to be holiday and I'm having flu for a while now.
Well, I'm a little agitated by that and of course, a certain worry about H1N1 does occur within me. Anyway, I'm feeling much better now, probably thanks to the flu pill that I took. Although I definitely feel much more sleepy, my brain refused to shut down.

There are some unsolved equation running through my head here.
Studies, schedule, plans and stuff that has yet to be solved is popping up.

Well, blogging probably put my head off from those stuff a little and start thinking a bit of other things. And I'm quite frustrated because my watch was spoiled and I wondered how it happened.

Damn!! what happened!! :-(

I'm sad because it was given to me by my best buddy. I'm going to change it because I really didn't wanna buy a new watch. I remembered YenLeng wanted to buy me watch a few times but each time I reminded her that I won't be changing the watch cause it's given to me by my best friend. Not that the watch is extremely expensive or overpriced. It's just that it carries a special meaning for me personally.

Anyway, shouldn't be dwelling too much on this issue also. I think I need to drink more warm water....that's it for now then...sign off!!

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