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It definitely isn't easy to be keeping in touch if you have a tight schedule. I must admit at times, I felt like bursting with so many things seem to be waiting to be done. Anyway I was very tired yesterday and decided to send some messages to some of my friends that I've not really been talking to. Among them are Kumara, Sai Mun, Evon, Yoke Mun, Vincent, Tuck Yuan, Lyn Yee and others. While I might not have any overly long conversation with these people, it definitely gives me a good feel. I can I not miss these people right? The jokes and just brings back fresh and good memories.

Anyway, I'm definitely ready for what's next for mid sem exam, final exam and then Actuarial paper....

the approval for the discount program...

Although I'm not sure I'm up for the task or not at the moment with my tight schedule with tuition, sports and some freelance work but I think I should push myself a little further.

I just received a call from Addie. He talked to me about some silly stuff that happened to him. For some reason, I really appreciate those little calls. It keeps me attach to the lives of those around me.

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  1. why so emo like that. haha
    anyway im coming back on raya week i think
    see u then!


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