What do you do with "camera"???

I know most people would love to take snapshots of themselves. Camwhore...although I don't really understand that term. Anyway my roommate bought a new camera and guess what we use it for...I'll post some of the photos here for you to see...

these are the notes that I left out in my lectures and I'm too lazy to copy it down.
Now that's when camera comes in handy!!

another one for you guys to take a good look...lOL!

Anyway it has been some time since I'm blogging. I'm rather occupied with stuff....haha!! Anyway, I'm introducing my TWITTER here.....http://twitter.com/KianHinish

That's right....KianHin...ish...indispensable Super Human.

Okay okay...I just started twitting....didn't really enjoy it that much though...anyway that's another story. Guys who are free, I'm on Digi again...I know...it's been on and off...sorry for that. My main number is still Celcom but I can't resist Digi Campus plan which way so much cheaper, what a good way to save money!! And I get to surf the net for Unlimited only at RM30.

I know it is probably not as fast as Celcom Broadband but what the heck...it's way cheaper and it's stable. The connectivity is consistent and there ain't such thing as "Fair Policy"!!

If any of you are thinking why on Earth is KianHin blogging on the train or facebooking on the train, I'm using Digi Campus data plan...and my HTC as the modem. Just in case you guys are wondering what's new inside my HTC, here are some of the screenshots....

I'm using Spb Screenshot for these photos

Now this is how I browse the net, using Opera Mobile and it really looks like you're browsing using an Iphone...for more info, go into Survival Page, my blog on more business and gadget stuff...

this is what it looks like in Google....forgot to take more screenshots...sorry about that!!

And this is how I sms now...I know it's not as cool as Iphone but it has its' own cool factor!!

I really would love to post more screenshots here but if you're really interested, go to my other blog and check it out cz I didn't wanna bother my friends with my Gadget, freeware and software stories.

Before I forgot, a friend of mine asked me if this girl looks hot?

My first answer was "TRANSVESTITE"

and guess what, I'm correct!!

Now, I'm a genius in identifying fake chicks and real girls....haha!! Signing off now....just got back from KL...need to catch a minute with YenLeng first!!


  1. oo my friends and i do that too.. we use our phone camera to take notes.. lol.. =P



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