I just reached KL Sentral and was feeling really hungry....I still have 1 hour plus before my train departure. And it took the train 3 hours to reach Ipoh...Anyway, I decided I need to feed my stomach first before going into the train....I chose KFC this time around.

After I ordered and while waiting for my orders, I saw this advertisement about DONATING to the poor who do not have enough to eat by buying a notepad....RM2.

I felt that I need to play my part and yup...I bought myself that small notepad which I'm sure doesn't cost RM2. Anyway I think it's all part of what we can do to make this world a better place. Giving a little space to make a better place!!

And here is the food that I ate: Jom Jimat SET B...

Probably I was hungry but the food really was fantastic!!

Alright...another story that really hit me today was how people get all excited about "FREE" stuff. As I was walking to KFC, I saw this lady who kept avoiding those people who are recommending or selling stuff in KL Sentral. In fact, she was rushing...until another girl that suddenly said "free". And she stopped. Then the girl explained about the free H1N1 Prevention Medical Kit.

I took one myself when another guy approached me.

I guess I'm gonna bring it home for someone else to use...loL!!
Well, that's all...signing off from KFC in Sentral KL...

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  1. KFC KL Central is really not bad at all. The food is always served hot.


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