Ever wonder what uni life is about for me?

This is somewhat my first official blog post on the activities I did in University Malaya. I know that from my previous posting, I made UM a rather boring university. I think I should correct that perspective. In UM, there are a lot of things that you can do and in fact, if you're involved in it, then you won't even have time to FB, blogging, as well as twitting. Anyway it's not that I'm doing any of those often as well. In fact, by the time I graduated, I probably will be looking back and wonder why I missed out on the interesting/exciting stuff that are happening in UM.

Anyway, while I must clarify that UM is actually quite full of life, I also need to justify my choice of forgoing such activities. It's not just about being busy due to my own activities (tuition, studies, sports) I'm not keen to participate partly due to the language. It's either the Chinese Community(CC) which is full of Mandarin speaking people which somehow alienate me. Or a rather predictable type of activity. I felt that I've gone through all those enough, both in church and school. So what is it that I'm doing...

At gym today,

I started with dumbell...

Low quality camera phone...isH! (something that I still regret about buying HTCP3600i)

my friend (Weoi Loong) and I taking snapshot of ourselves..

Now this is Pok CHinz here....super serious while we take photo of him...he looks constipated.

Now is this sms session or gym session?

Clement is just posing for the camera....lazy ass!! (he's a great swimmer!!)

Now back to serious time...

Hmm...anyway by the time I finished, I hurt my leg and strained in too hard....(damn!! most likely couldn't play futsal on Wednesday (weekly game)

Well, of course lately we are more into taking photos:

My roommates and I...the first one is ME la, second one Chin Sian, third one Weoi Loong....
(trying to pretend to be cool!!)

There are more to be honest but just wanna introduce some of my uni friends or my UM brothers....well, putting a pause here, will be continue to post more soon...I've been reading cool stuff lately!!


  1. haha.. i used to go to the gym.. not anymore.. fun place to be =P


  2. not bad you've time for gym. i'l make sure i go gym too in uni time.

    ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)


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