Finally my Pocket PC can sms like an Iphone style...loL!

Well, first of all, let's make it clear...while I adore the icons and themes from Iphone, I definitely feel that Windows Mobile is a better option. Let's admit it...iPhone was made for people who are no geek when it comes to computer's all "simple"!!

And of course thanks to GoogleTalk, iPhone seems like one of the coolest thing's the app...not iPhone that's rock. But let's remember that Microsoft is getting TellMe to do something. Anyway if you read and do some detailed research then I believe you'll put a stop on your plan to buy an iPhone and wait for the Windows Mobile 7 which is coming out next year...the next COOL thing most likely..with "gesture" control...well, who could forgive Apple for their incapability to have a bluetooth in their iPhone.

Now, I hope you understand that I do love iPhone for their features but certain things are really lame with "Apple". (That's why I prefer to eat orange...asked my roommate and you'll know that I prefer eating orange!!!) Now that's another story....

Alright...enough of my comment on iPhone since I don't have one...loL!!
Well, I'm more attracted to WindowsMobile nowadays is because I believe having a PDA is suppose to make life easier for you. After all, what is smart phone right?

Here is the look of my VITO SMS chat:

Now I know it is not fully an iPhone look but it does make things easier for me when it comes to sms...

Now a better lifestyle layout than the iPhone theme for my Pocket PC...and the best part is that it is very convenient.

the page that shows the InternetPage!! (that's what I call it)

Some of the icons for my Programs. (Can you see it? Sims2 game is in PocketPC!!)

This is the page with touch icon for Documents and Program...and some other features!!

And I've just edit the Registry to make it 7pages for my LifestyleLayout...

Of course the "cool" factor is not really that important. The important part is the features within the PocketPC. Now although there are many cool and useful programs as well as functions, it would be quite useless because third party application such as Skype, MSN, facebook, Google or even SPB Online needs me to go online. It would be pretty lame to need to depend on 'wireless' all the time. You need to understand that Malaysia is not fully "wireless" after all.

That's when DigiCampus comes in handy!!
Unlimited Data plan after usage of RM30 per month ain't too much to pay for...


Now, with all these features that I have yet to even elaborate, I believe my HTCP3600i has been the Coolest feature!!


  1. dude.. have u seen the application store on itunes? then u'll stop adoring ur windows... haha..

  2. Couldn't deny the fact that iPhone with their cool app is outstanding. But if you know more about computer, then you'll realize that iPhone is only better than WindowsMobile thanks to their touch interface which runs smoothly as well as the many external app that they have. And of course all these come with a price.
    WindowsMobile on the other hand is creating customizable layout and platform for the many different devices, which make it a little buggy at times but the progress has been consistent and great.
    If people start adoring Iphone and criticizing Windows, it is only due to their lack of knowledge...sorry bro...iPhone is cool...i won't deny that but WM might just be the next hit...well, we shall see...

  3. Oh yah...talking about app....there are plenty more app running for Windows Mobile. The only difference is that Iphone made an Itunes so that all the apps are easily available on one if you think there are more app running for Iphone, think again!!
    Let's not forget that just as Microsoft has made itself compatible with many in the computer, they also did the same for WindowsMobile

  4. How did you get your VITO SMS-Chat to look like that? Is the app skinable? Did you use an iphone skin? Please let me know where you can find the skin? Thanks!

  5. hi, can i have the link where you DL those apps(the sms iphone like) and other other apps for ppc..thnx


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