Frustrated with celcom

Yesterday was a terrible day as I couldn't even use my celcom number for sms or call. I also couldn't receive any messages from others. It is frustrating when I have to be paying monthly for such a service. And it is not cheap.

Anyway I'm learning how to play with Adobe Photoshop at the moment.

And I decided to change celcom logo:

Well, was feeling a bit unhappy with the service but today, the line seems to be back to normal...if not, another day of no connectivity with the outside world will be terrible!!!

Alright...will be back blogging for more after I learn how to use the Photoshop in a more professional way first...


  1. cacat la ytd mayb. only for one day perhaps. hehe. you mean only for postpaid users it's out of service ytd or prepaid users included as well?

    From me to you, suejean =)

  2. Haha!! well, true was only yesterday...and I read the details about the network failure that include postpaid and prepaid users as well. However, lately I realized that celcom ain't that good...anyway it's just the frustration that I need to let go...

  3. True with these GLC company,... same problem TM Streamyx. Sometimes, totaly drop me off, and also slow, not getting the speed as what the advertise 512KB.

  4. haha....yaya...that day my dad so frustrated....he's also using celcom...XD


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