Karaoke session with UM kakis...

That's right. You have a whole day free....no class, nothing...so what? That's when my buddies decided to go for KARAOKE!!

Well, there are 8 of us who went to Red Box in The Gardens. Those superstar wannabes are my two roommates, Hau and Weoi Loong as well as my other buddies, Pok Chizn, Clement, Tom, Kwaik Kiek as well as Chee Leng. So, we took 2 taxis to go and reached around 2pm....non-stop singing until about 7.30++ although I officially stopped at 6.00pm already. After karaoke, I went to ta pau McD...BIG MAC....luckily not too many people. (I don't like waiting!!)

By the time I reached my room, it's already 8 plus.....couldn't believe it. I spent almost RM30bucks just for this one outing but I guess it's a once in a b
lue moon kind of thing so shouldn't complain too much when it comes to money.

Now I'm totally not prepared for this first shot...

Second snapshot: Now I'm ready!!

We actually sang quite well...should record it next time...lOL!!

Well, there are more photos but I ain't uploading it here due to connection speed. You can check out more photos in my Facebook account.

Anyway I'll be contributing more to the ideas at these websites:

(Most of the content will be with resources from Bloomberg, CNN, Times and FORTUNE magazine. Of course, I have yet to post any of these up on the blog at the moment. I'll post about it here once update is done and there will be an upcoming gadget blog coming. I'll explain more on that later...)


  1. havent been to karaoka session but i know it must be fun! nice shots!

    ps you're invited to commetn on my post too =)


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