What do you do in the market with your mom?

Today I went to the market again with my mother. Let's say it's a weekly routine on Friday morning. But somehow today, I was playing my mobile phone while waiting for my mother to choose whatever she wanna buy in the market.

Playing with the camera on my HTC:

And then my mom went to buy fruits. The aunty was like saying "this is very sweet...that's very sweet..." Seems that the fruits are extremely good there....

Well, I was even more surprise when I saw Jing Yee in the market...we said "Hi!" and exchange short conversation....couldn't believe it...of all places to meet a friend...in the market...

Then while I was driving back, I saw Aunty Lindy and Uncle Yap....so good!! So much time to enjoy...loL!! Can't wait for my turn though...;-)
Anyway I'm just being random here...


  1. when i was younger, yes.. but now.. no la.. lol.. she also dont go edy..



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