21st birthday thoughts...

I hope I can sound as enthusiastic as Siew Wei when she called to wish me a Happy Birthday!! I was tired so sorry for my lack of excitement and enthusiasm. Now, I must admit that I truly appreciate these wishes and for everyone who remember my birthday, here is my BIG THANK YOU to you guys.

Flashes from the past:

It rarely happened that I would be onlining at home during the eve of my birthday. (is there such a thing like that?) And I normally don't think much but for some reason, this year is different...well, partly because I'm finally 21. An adult and a new journey for me. Maybe for many of my friends and buddies, they had their finest celebration and all those are cooL!! But part of me know that none of that are my desire....at least no longer are my desire. Let's just hear a story from me...I know I'm not good at this but bear with me.

A young man who just attended the church service for the first time felt that there should be a higher calling in his life. He spent his youth doing church stuff and he made great friends....friends that he would call 'brothers'. Together they had great time together, doing some community work, street feeding, visitations etc. But good things don't last forever. The cell group, Timothy, Silas and Titus were hardly heard of anymore in the church. But not all were lost as there were still connection between this group of dejected brothers. As each of them went on a different path, the community grew...the young man had his own scattered communities here and there. But the young man is no longer as young as he thought he is....he is 21 today. An age where many officially considered as an adult. He took his time to recall good memories and take to heart things that he learned along the way. That he is me...and I sincerely want to thank those who have come along the way to be part of this big community. I appreciate the little stories that we shared together and no matter how fucked up we might be at times, I am glad that these people have been the strength for me one way or the other. I just wanna say that there are many good buddies who are far away from me and even you, but really no matter what happened, these friends have left their footprints in our lives and let us continue to share those "values", "ideas", "experience" and "stories" with those coming in our lives. I think the one gift that truly means much to me is the "friendship" I had with you and that is enough... A big part of me still want to do the "good work" I once did with the cell groups but things have changed and the platform to do things are different but it is still possible to do good work without any established community. For me, going into adulthood means more than drinking snow beer or wine (although I would love that) but it means sharing the value of "generosity" in a bigger meaning. Well, I said that all good things don't last forever but now I realize that it does not last forever because eventually we became self-obsessed. Probably that's why there is a need to have the word "generosity" because it speaks so little about our own self.

And the more recent photos:

This is really the first time I started my birthday with a post...well, guys...thanks for the patience in reading...Of course, if your photos are not here, it doesn't mean you're any less closer to me...it simply means we must take more photos the next time we meet...
Love, sincerely...KianHin


  1. hey fren,21 years old d...
    haha...happy bday to you lol!

    wish u have a nice bday and all ur dreams may come true...

    ur tis blog full of memories lol...
    very meaningful...good job!

  2. Hey bro,

    Happy 21st Birthday!!!

  3. let me sing u a birthday song


    *pls excuse my croaky voice, its morning ma..voice box belum buka properly yet*

  4. happy birthday bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahaha
    anyway, we shud take more photos =.= i dont see my face!!

  5. a nice one from my baby brother.. wish i was back home with you all.. Happy Birthday

  6. oh hey kian hin... happy bday again.. XD Welcome to the adulthood

  7. Chip, Bro, Claire and sis: Thx for the birthday wish ya!!
    Siew Wei: I think we did take quite some photos...the problem is that those photos are not with me only...loL!!!
    Eric: Appreciate that much but before I officially enter adulthood, I always felt that I think and talk like one...loL!!

  8. WOw, Happy 21st year older!

    You're an adult now! It looks lie you do have a great company with you which is good.

    God bless!

    A new food bogger visiting..

  9. happy belated birthday...hehe...anyway dont let the past pull you down..you cant change the past anymore but you can always determine your future...so live life to the fullest...forget regret and just trust in God..take care bro...


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