Things can be tough but I will put it through

Things have been rather difficult for me lately.
Studies have been more difficult than ever...partly due to my own lack of effort. Then, I was struggling emotionally...yah...I guess it's just how some of the past stories that still affect me. I wouldn't want to say I am okay....but I know in the eyes of many people, I should be okay.
I am not going to talk as though the whole world owes me one because the truth is, this is the reality and I am going to face it.

Then, I have the need to manage a few things, time management and finance. But I am going to sit through this year exam doing well, and I will take the next step to my Financial Mathematics paper...I had this talk with a friend, and we were talking about manipulation or maybe I was talking about manipulation. Anyway from the outcome of it, I knew one thing is certain: In this life, only the one at power have the right word to say.

I wouldn't want to pretend that I am good and I don't manipulate people because I know that I did and maybe this is truly the biggest hypocrisy in each of us.

Well, I don't care what happened in the past...those memories I will embrace but moving on from there, I will see myself taking a giant leap of faith into the new world, the world of reality. And I pledge that no matter what it takes, I will put it through...


  1. You will pull it through no matter what is all part of growing..tho i am not there physically but i will always be supporting u mentally =)

  2. everything will be okay. i agree with siew wei :) its all part of growing. and you will be okay. cheer up buddy! ;) take good care now.

  3. ya i also agree with siew wei jer lol...hinish u can one no matter how tough the thing is...u also can go through one coz u can..I always support u bro!!


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