Continuing from my previous post

I didn’t know why but I feel the need to continue from my previous post. Maybe I felt that the last post was incomplete and it doesn’t speak entirely of what I am feeling.

After published my previous post, a friend of mine asked me why am I in a somber mood…why am I moody? I think it’s a good question but at times, I wonder “isn’t that what we ought to feel when we are seeing the world turning into a worse place?”

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As I first stepped into the world,

I saw light,

I saw hope…

But as I journeyed through it,

I felt that I’m stuck in the darkness covered within it,

I wonder where was the light I first see as a baby boy,

Could it be that we are too busy with our own lives that we failed to see the light any more?

Maybe Christmas is the right season..

To ponder about what GIFT is,

What hope is…

Not sure if those of you who read it could understand it but anyway, I’m just being random here as some things come across my mine….Hope I didn’t bored you with my thoughts.

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