Goodbye 2009, welcome 2010!!

Goodbye 2009, Welcome 2010!!
I'm sure it's not something new that you read about. There are so many people bidding farewell to 2009 and anticipate for a NEW YeAR, for a new START.

And this is also the time where people start making NEW YEAR RESOLUTION and all...

Now I wouldn't be against such a plan because after all, this is a NEW START....let's plan for a change...but I'm sure most of us know the results of it at the end of each year....most of our plans ended up in smoke.

I'm reading books lately....mark the's BOOKS. That's right...thanks to the long holidays that I have and for those of you who don't know, I'm now JOBLESS!! (No longer teaching tuition, will be focusing on studies). Anyway like I said, I was reading books and what kind of books...I would probably said it's fictional story book, motivational book, religious book and hey...BIBLE!!!
I mean, I know I have not been reading it for a while now but I guess it's time to be back into it.

Well, to be honest, I've been trying to be fit and back into NERDING mood as soon as uni starts or as soon as I go back to UM. Probably all these are due to the influence of the books that I've been reading. Making a CHANGE...Make a DIFFERENCE...Leave a LEGACY...Go the EXTRA MILE.."All those words are ringing in my head!!"
And I think it's not about waiting for New Year start but about having a NEW BEGINNING each day. So why the need to wait for 2010?
Embrace 2009 before it passed....wouldn't that bring more meaning?

"Few of us can do great things, but all of us can do small things with great love." It is definitely not going to be an easy start but I believe it is about making little changes everyday. Let this ring through our head in 2010!!

There are so many who said 2009 being a miserable year (economic flop, stagnation, stagflation...whatever term you know, you can call it) but for me, 2009 is really a year where I start making little change. I wouldn't said it is BIG CHANGES but I believe it is SMALL CHANGES, CHANGE FOR THE BETTER. At least better in terms that I agreed with. loL! And it is also a year where most of my KAKIS and I turn 21....we are entering ADULTHOOD in the midst of the fallen interesting and challenging would that be!! ;-)

I read a story about the need for people to FIND THEIR VOICES and I think it is so true. Imagine the reason why I'm starting a blog with so many other BLOGGERS. (we're looking for a space to SPEAK have our VOICE heard!!) I don't think I have that problem finding my voices any more but I believe there are so many out there who couldn't find that voice. It might not necessary be people from FARAWAY land but it could be the people attending the same course as you. It might also be the guy sitting next to you in church...or maybe it could just be someone you met on the internet. Well, I guess 2010 should be that year where we learn to be part of the UNHEARD VOICES and CRIES.

I stopped giving tuition for a give myself time to think, reflect on 2009, and move FORWARD. I know some of us look at HISTORY as a past but how do I put it...maybe I should take golf as the example. (after all, Tiger Woods is so popular with chicks thanks to golf...but then that's another story) When we play golf, we don't just swing it forward but we swing the golf stick back and forward....the same goes with our lives...we need to look BACKWARDS and MOVE ONWARDS...back and forth!! Although I also agreed to a certain extend that we should leave the past be the past and we're going to FIND the FUTURE!!

2008, 2009 has a lot to do with work and learning to be independent for me. Maybe in a way, I succeded at it but there are so many other things that I left behind in my quest for INDEPENDENCE...loL! In a way, I felt that I'm looking at people like Alexander the Great. A man so determine to conquer the world, uniting it and giving it a new BREATH of life. While of course the legendary Alexander the Great died before he even began his planned route to Arabs, I hope that I could give a NEW BREATH of life in a different form to people that come across my life.

Everyday the community or the people that I am part of grow. I remembered Evon saying me being a sort of ANTISOCIAL in university and I wouldn't deny that. It's part of the uncertainties that is running through my head. I'm sure 2010 will be a year for me to THINK more, DREAM more, VISUALIZE more, and to FIND FAITH again. But then again even at this point, I don't see a shrinking community but a different form of communities and conversations taking place.

Writing about it is enough to spur me ON!! Anyway I guess it's enough of ME, ME, and ME.
I just want to say THANK YOU to those who come along the way and be PART of my life, showing me the little LIGHT in the midst of the darkness that surround our poor planet EARTH. People that has been a great blessing to me deserves to be posted in my beloved page:

my family and YenLeng.

how could I miss my brother here...

LiangHin (mentor, friend, brother)

Now I think I need some time to elaborate about a close buddy of mine, more than a friend but a brother...also my mentor, teacher, sensei, adviser, guide, coach (whatever word that you think is suitable) I think it has been quite some time since I asked for any advice or guidance from my Big Brother here but I think the time we spent together has in a way create me to be who am I today.

Now how can I not mention Addie....a companion, buddy, friend and brother!!

Chun Fai (or Chun Dai already ah?), Samuel Choo, Gavin and Jian is always great when we meet up together. For some reasons, I know that we're in the same team!! who would share the LAME JOKE with me if not you?

Now, Alicia...the one person who for some reasons manage to put a smile on my face. Inherit the magic from her mother, Aunty Lindy. (Too bad I don't have her photo...loL!!)

What can I said: People like Guo Jian, Evon, Jo Ee, Wai Soon, Teik Tzuan....I wouldn't trade these friendships for any gold in the world.

Sai Mun, Kee Cheong, Siew Wei, Carey....sometimes I wonder how is it possible that I have friends like you. We are so different and yet I know there are so much that I've learned from you. I guess that's what friendship means...regardless of our difference, the melody played from the friendship is sweet to our ears.

And how can I forget USS1....each time I'm back for holiday, the one thing that I'll be looking forward is definitely the gathering with you guys. After all, we're the champion in the march past.

And last but not least, my bunch of friends in university that makes tertiary education a bit more meaningful for me!!

I'll miss 2009 but I'll definitely not forget to love 2010

Cheers to 2010!!


  1. wow.. lots and lots of good buddies u have!

    Have a Blessed New Year! Cheers!

  2. at 1st i wan to comment a lot of things about life after reading this..
    but at the end i suddenly wanted to shout out this


  3. I like your post...

    Like it very much lol...hehe^^

    happy new year!

    frenzz 4eva!!!


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