Holiday season

So what do you do when you finished your exam? Well, as for me, when I finally done my Financial Mathematics paper, I went for pool with my kawan. We had fun but too bad we didn't bring any camera to leave behind the good memories. I managed to pass the 2nd paper for Actuarial Science...felt relief...hehe!!

And now the holiday time...I actually spent a night with my ex-classmates (Carey, Chip, TeikTzuan, YenLeng, Chee Lupp, ChenDong and gf, non-classmate member, Boon Tat, Kok San, YookYarth) makan and chit chatting until 1 am...the next day, we went over to Boon Tat's place to watch horror movie. Although those movies are pretty boring, I'm sure we had a good time together....only a small group of us though, including Chip, Carey, ChenDong and gf as well.

After the movie, we sent Boon Tat to the bus station.

Safe journey to our taiko, BoonTat...

Well, then comes my date with YenLeng...been a while since we go dating and we went for Christmas Carol...I know most of you guys watched it already but the movie was awesome. Had a lot of meaning in it and really, there need to be time for celebration and also to share the joy with the poor and the needy. The movie was fantastic and the date was awesome...I enjoyed the time we spent together...

After that comes YenLeng's brother's birthday...
Here are some of the snapshots:

Getting ready to go...getting vain and trying out my brother's camera..

We went to Olivenz and the food was awful on that day but thankfully the environment was good enough for the occasion.
I didn't take photos of the food though...only the drinks as I was rather annoyed by the food that night.

Anyway we eat the cake back in YenLeng's home...

birthday cake...take 1

take 2..



take 3...tada...oops!! wrong angle..

and the birthday boy with the sister...

Now my blog without me would be incomplete so here is one that I took with the birthday boy...

How can a birthday be complete without the candles right??

So this is the last photo session here (enjoy!!):

Well, I remembered a friend of mine how am I going to walk, run, jump and embrace my day...I think my answer would be to embrace each moment with people around me.

That's it for now while many more gatherings awaiting...


  1. hapy bday to your fren..i see berries!

    A smile from SJ =)

  2. haha...sure...gathering will keep going on de...


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